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The Post 200 is an annual snapshot of the companies, law firms, nonprofits and other organizations that power our local economy. Here's a look at this year's list.

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Public companies

45. NCI Information Systems

NCI provides professional and information-technology services, including those related to health IT, cybersecurity and network engineering, to government agencies. Chief Financial Officer Brian J. Clark took over as president at the end of 2011 from Terry W. Glasgow, who retired. The company said earlier in the year that it expected a $200 million drop in revenue as a result of the end of a Pentagon base realignment program as well as other contracts that are ending or that have been reduced in size.


Three-quarters of the company's workforce possess at least one federal government security clearance.



Founded: 1989

Chairman and CEO: Charles K. Narang

Revenue: $558261000

Assets: $282614000

Employees (local): 2800 (797)

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DATE: Dec. 17, 2012
CREDIT: Dan Beyers, Sarah Halzack, Greg Linch, Jason Bartz - The Washington Post.