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President Obama has expressed strong support for abortion rights. Obama said in his 2008 campaign that he would oppose any constitutional amendment to overturn Roe v. Wade. Remarking on the 39th anniversary of that Supreme Court decision this year, he said, “We must remember that this Supreme Court decision not only protects a woman’s health and reproductive freedom, but also affirms a broader principle: that government should not intrude on private family matters.”

Obama appointed Supreme Court justices whose views on abortion are not known for certain, but his advisers have expressed confidence that the president’s nominees would maintain the balance of previous courts -- suggesting they would uphold Roe v. Wade.

Days after his inauguration, Obama lifted the “Mexico City policy” that all Republican presidents since Ronald Reagan have implemented and all Democrats since that time have reversed. The policy prohibits federal money from being used to fund international family-planning clinics that promote abortion or provide counseling or referrals about abortion services.

Obama’s campaign Web site states that he is committed to “maintaining strict limits” on federal funding for abortion, but it does not say that he opposes such funding outright.

After he signed the Affordable Care Act into law, the president issued an executive order restricting federal funds for abortion within the context of the health-care law. He had agreed to the move as a way to garner votes from anti-abortion Democrats in the House.

Some antiabortion groups have argued that the Affordable Care Act requires taxpayers to fund abortions, but the law actually requires states to offer at least one health plan within their insurance exchanges that doesn't cover abortion services. Women who choose plans from the exchanges that cover abortion services must pay a fee of at least $1 to a separate account to help ensure that no federal dollars are used to support abortion services.


Obama on Abortion

Reader Endorsements

Kaitlin Hubbard

Kaitlin Hubbard I believe the decision should be between the woman, her family, and (if applicable) her pastor. I don't see why the government or males should make the choice for her, when a man can NEVER understand what it is to ...See More

Nan Fredman

Nan Fredman Keep the government out of private decisions and OFF my body.

Lily Medina

Lily Medina It's not about supporting abortion! It's about freedom of choice. That's what this country was founded on. That's what President Obama correctly believes that's why I whole-heartedly endorse him. Obama 2012!!!!!

Ranishia Gray

Ranishia Gray because Mitt romney way will cause more cases like Adrea Yates

Donna Ziegler West

Donna Ziegler West He supports a women's right to choose

Bill Maiden

Bill Maiden I am a man. I would not profess to know, personally, the medical needs of women. Many of these ignorant Republicans still feel that "their women" will do as I say. Clearly, they are stuck in the past.

David Justin Lynch

David Justin Lynch A woman has a right to control her own body.

Dadou Dadou Db

Dadou Dadou Db Freedom means one does what he wants as ong as it does not bother any else. The defenders of life do not defend the living rather the unborn.It 's just a front

Gabriel Brown

Gabriel Brown 1) I don't believe a government should tell someone what they can and cannot do with their own body. 2) We as a society invest so much time, energy, and money in raising productive members of our nation. To tear ...See More

Limitless Oppression

Limitless Oppression Government has no place on this issue and neitehr does relegion.

Jack Gallagher

Jack Gallagher There is absolutely no reason we should consider a few cells a life. I wouldn't endorse outlawing the washing of hands, so why would I do so for abortions?

Jon Divine

Jon Divine Women are not cattle. Men do not experience pregnancy. So let women decide. Also, "legitimate rape" and resulting pregnancy are not biblical or holy experiences. ROMNEY IS DANGEROUS FOR WOMEN'S HEALTH.

Bill Gallagher

Bill Gallagher It's a woman's right to choose.

Ann Delicath

Ann Delicath Because I would hate to see children begging on the streets in my country because the right wants no abortion, no birth control and no welfare or food stamps. We can't have it both ways. Those right-wing policies would put ...See More

Marius Piedallu van Wyk

Marius Piedallu van Wyk Women are not baby-making machines.

Christine Pacuan

Christine Pacuan women's rights

Kate Anderson

Kate Anderson No doubt about it, President Obama all the way

Peg Warren

Peg Warren He represents a closer opinion to my own: Government has no business interfering in a very private decision between a woman, her (husband), her doctor and her God. We are not only a nation of freedom OF religion, but freedom ...See More

Jamie Deveaux

Jamie Deveaux Old white men need to stay out of our bedrooms and enforcing their view on women. You do not speak for women and keep religion out of politics.

Jamie Deveaux

Jamie Deveaux Government should not force their views on my body nor their religious dogma.

David Graham

David Graham Women should control their bodies. Not the Republican party. Nor should government be enforcing religious doctrine on behalf of any church.

Brenda Kidman

Brenda Kidman If you outlaw abortion the rich will still be able to get them. It will only affect the poor. My body. my choice.

Sharon Anthony Connors

Sharon Anthony Connors Making abortion illegal will NEVER stop abortion just like Prohibition didn't stop people from drinking and the War on Drugs hasn't made it any less difficult for people to get drugs or use drugs. What making abortion illegal WILL do ...See More

Jill Gering

Jill Gering 1. This is not the business of the Government to decide. Many abortions are for medical or financial reasons, but that is a decision that should be made with medical not legislative advice. It should be safe and legal.

Twyla Dorzweiler

Twyla Dorzweiler While I am a pro-life person, I feel strongly that we cannot abolish abortion without extreme unintended consequences to our entire way of living. Since I myself am an adoptee from before R v W was made law, I feel ...See More

Tirza Mira

Tirza Mira President Obama has show his consistent caring for the rights of all of America's citizens without regard to race, gender or creed. He is honest, thoughtful and trustworthy and trusts women to make their own decisions about the lives we ...See More

C Fred Crawmer

C Fred Crawmer it's the woman's individual choice not big government's.

Janice DontHate Davis

Janice DontHate Davis Individual Chose. This is between God, a woman and her spouse

Robert Crane

Robert Crane Obama supports women's right to choose. Romney changes according to his audience.

John Howell

John Howell Obama like most democrats support the right of a woman to chose and uphold Roe Vs Wade as law. Republicans continue to chip away on a woman's right to choose.

Susan Mallick

Susan Mallick President Obama has a steady hand in guiding us in health care and understands abortion is a CHOICE that must be available to us all. He knows this issues is between a family and their medical care providers, not government.See More

Daniel Tawarahara

Daniel Tawarahara because other than partial birth abortion it should done rarely but when need safe

David Nvodjo

David Nvodjo No lie

Sue Malek

Sue Malek This is a private decision between a woman, her God, and her doctor. The ramifications of making abortion illegal are frightening for women, children, and families.

Chandrakant Patel


Cynthia Merrill

Cynthia Merrill I should be the one to choose what I DO with MY body...

Carl Barbee


Rich Wilkinson

Rich Wilkinson Abortion is a highly personal decision that should not be defined by politics or any governmental interference.

Dave Dockery

Dave Dockery women should have the right to choose. I'm not a woman so who am I to say.

Gimbelee Grae Sidener

Gimbelee Grae Sidener Don't let them take away a woman's right to choose or planned parenthood.

Lee Castillo

Lee Castillo He is a warrior for Women Rights !!

Peter Wong

Peter Wong Read the bible, Adam was dirt, no life UNTIL he started breathing. Thy Lord said fetus is not a living human.

Adrienne Corti

Adrienne Corti Because he's correct!

Andrea Burrow

Andrea Burrow Woman has a right to make decisions about her own body and no one else.

Al Finnell

Al Finnell Obama is not Catholic

Ann Davis

Ann Davis Choice

Thomas Keating

Thomas Keating Difficult moral decision, but choice is right.

Carmin Liz

Carmin Liz It is a woman's right & she should have a choice. Just because women want choice does not mean they are all going to get an abortion and no man should decide for a woman unless they can carry a ...See More

Djona Mbeka

Djona Mbeka I am pro-choice and don't believe old, gray, hysterical, miseducated fundies whose entire knowledge of biology begins and ends with the Old Testament have any business making health decisions for anyone. This is a private issue regardless of how frightened ...See More

Roger Bauer

Roger Bauer Abortion procedures should remain available to all. If people were properly educated Abortions would be less needed. This is a private issue and the government should stay out of it. Some else s religious fantasies should not impact my life.See More

Savitri Basaviah

Savitri Basaviah Abortion is a personal matter and the government should stay out of it.

Patrick Espinoza

Patrick Espinoza This is a very personal and religious belief and for me. With that in mind I cannot judge someone on who has had them or is going to have them. From a reglious stand point I cannot embark my personal ...See More

Carrol A. Hull

Carrol A. Hull He will protect women right to health options.

Carrie Mendoza

Carrie Mendoza I do not believe Romney will ever approve of abortion in any reason at all. Obama I believe will let a woman decide for herself on same issue

Delores Wallace

Delores Wallace A woman body is her choice not man.

Ed Mehrmann

Ed Mehrmann Its a woman's body not the man's body

William Herman

William Herman He supports a woman's right. Romney has some real mental problems and needs help!!

Eugene Barufkin

Eugene Barufkin 1 - WE CAN AFFORD ANY MORE UNWANTED CHILDREN. 2 - Women should be free to live by their instincts. 3 - Men should stay out of thus issue unless they fully respect all women. 4 - see 1, 2 ...See More

Eugene Barufkin

Eugene Barufkin 1 - WE CAN AFFORD ANY MORE UNWANTED CHILDREN. 2 - Women should be free to live by their instincts. 3 - Men should stay out of thus issue unless they fully respect all women. 4 - see 1, 2 ...See More

Diane Keefauver

Diane Keefauver President Obama supports a woman's access to sex education, birth control and abortion----without which a woman is not in control of her reproductive choices or her Life----he is in control---whether father, husband,doctor or gov't---& thus her right to become her ...See More

Ceceli Hill

Ceceli Hill No one has a right to tell me what to do with my body. My body, my choice. Republicans always care about a child until it is born, then they don't care about it at all. The country was founded ...See More

Jessica Lynn Collins

Jessica Lynn Collins He supports a woman's right to privacy and to make her own decisions without using federal dollars to support her decision.

As a woman myself, I want to be able to exercise my rights to decide. It should be my choice, my body and mind and my life. If my daughter or a friend or a sister would have to face ...See More

ANdy Chou

ANdy Chou He believes in the future of America.

Hussein Nobatia

Hussein Nobatia pro choice it is!

Robert Miller

Robert Miller I believe that a woman has the right to choose, the right to decide about her own health car an reproductive life. I believe in a small government that does not intrude on things that should be only a private ...See More

BeenThere DoneThat

BeenThere DoneThat I am pro choice. Enough said. GOP right wing nuts are out of control trying to run people lives. Hypocrisy

Faith Turner

Faith Turner I believe in a woman's right to make her own decisions regarding her health and her family choices.

Deborah Edwina Allen

Deborah Edwina Allen Mitt the Liar has said he will get rid of Roe verses Wade!!

Vera Delle Brown

Vera Delle Brown This issue was resolve in 1972 or whenever Roe V Wade was settled. I will not endorse any candidate who wishes to restrict women's rights.

Jary Sheppard Earl

Jary Sheppard Earl He is much more likely to appoint supreme court justices that will support Roe vs Wade.

Cee Bee

Cee Bee Abortion should not be criminalized at all. There are so many reasons why a woman should be able to have one. Why won't the men in Washington stay out of our bedrooms? We NEED A SMALL GOVERNMENT. Getting into our ...See More

Azeb Aregawi

Azeb Aregawi A man shouldn't have a say on this. This is the right of a woman. As you can make a sense of what the Republican stand for..... Be your own Judge.

Sherrie Sacharow

Sherrie Sacharow choice is NOT an option! It is a primary right...to hear the republicans say they want smaller government but want to determine gynecological decisions.....NO!!!!!!!

Maria Vanessa Hines

Maria Vanessa Hines A woman has a right to do with her body what shedeems best.

Wendy Tyre Godwin

Wendy Tyre Godwin Women should be able to make their own choices about their bodies!

Kimberly Howard

Kimberly Howard Personal choice.

Ryan D. Brady

Ryan D. Brady If you think abortion is wrong, work to create social nets to remove reasons to get an abortion. Don't punish at risk women.

Susan Bounds

Susan Bounds A woman's reproductive rights and decisions are ultimately and solely a woman's and should not be legislated by government at any level.

Kitty Jawitz

Kitty Jawitz I am a woman. reps are trying to force women to live beyond unspeakable violence with their extremist views that would force victims of rape to bear unwanted children and with no financial help either

Persephonae Velasquez

Persephonae Velasquez Religion shouldn't be the basis of laws. No matter the citizen's religion, the choice should be theirs to make. Just check before Roe v. Wade--even religiously inclined women had abortions. All that's going to happen with repealing the law is ...See More

Edward Murray

Edward Murray Because I am a male and I have no right to legislate what goes on in a womens body medically.

Pamela Hoyles

Pamela Hoyles Everyone needs to have a right to determine their decision on abortion. We need to keep our government out of the way of reproductive rights legisilation on women.

Nancy Rayne

Nancy Rayne Keep your laws off of my body. Place money in education and planned parenthood. Teach teach teach.

Barbara Spengler

Barbara Spengler I agree with what President Clinton said, Abortion shoud be safe, legal, and rare. If ther is a law saying that abortion is a crime, you will see a return to backalley, unsafe abortions that were common not too long ...See More

E. Ann Powell

E. Ann Powell As the old 2nd Wave said: "Keep your laws off my body."

Theresa Smith

Theresa Smith My body, my rights, NOT anyone else's decision.

Trent MacLeod

Trent MacLeod I'm just curious how Romney's supporters feel every other week when he actually DOES allow for abortion at certain times.... Can this guy make up his mind? Well that depends on what group of people he's talking to!

Florence Symister

Florence Symister I am women I should have the option to choice what I do with my body and so should my daughters.

David Oliver Taylor

David Oliver Taylor I want my daughter to be able to live anywhere in this country and not worry about her right to privacy and choice of her own destiny.

Lorna Crawford

Lorna Crawford It is time for American to stop allowing a corrupt party, the GOP, power to put forth policies that intefere with Americans personal lives, and continue to scream about FREEDOM for themselves and their buddies.

Charles Sloan

Charles Sloan I wouldn't endorse Romney to shovel out the horse stalls. That's how much I trust any thing he says or does!

Brenda Clements

Brenda Clements Roe v Wade, Planned Parenthood, and Pro Choice. That said President Obama signed an executive order permitting access for contraception, prenatal care, and help during childbirth to millions of women in world's poorest countries.

Zoraida Rivera

Zoraida Rivera President Barack Obama is again protecting our rights without making JUDGEMENT nor infringement on the American family.

Patty Sportsman

Patty Sportsman Supporter of Roe v Wade and Planned Parenthood & Pro Choice.

Nellie Nell

Nellie Nell The rights of women should not be dictated by the government. Unwanted children would not have a chance to live to their potential and no woman should be forced to have a kid as a result of rape in the ...See More

Sharon Ann Hennessey Albury

Sharon Ann Hennessey Albury He is the best man for the job. he is true to his word and really cares about the all of us.

Fabian Alvarado

Fabian Alvarado This is a free country and in the past woman have fought hard and long to be able to choose or not. It is a very personal decision that really is no one elses business. I mean if you do ...See More

Anne DiFiore

Anne DiFiore Obama is clear in his agenda and supports women's rights.

Catherine Ratliff

Catherine Ratliff This battle was fought and won decades ago. Keep government out of personal decisions about reproduction.

Antonio Narvaez

Antonio Narvaez Mainly because of the fact that I consider the mother´s rights to take priority over the fetus´ rights.

Rondalyn Everson

Rondalyn Everson Roe vs. Wade keep in place

Jack Nixon

Jack Nixon Men should stop telling women what they can and cannot do with their bodies. No one should be telling anyone what to do with their bodies. Your beliefs should not be forced upon others. Just think if someone told you ...See More

Nick William Gattie

Nick William Gattie Abortion is terrible,

WaterBoys Apperal

WaterBoys Apperal Repulicans don't care about women or their issues, Obama has shown he cares for us ALL.

Gail DeNobrega

Gail DeNobrega I PERSONALLY do not believe in adoration but Myself or the government has no right to a woman's choice

Roger Bauer

Roger Bauer Religions and governments should stay out of family matters.

Carmen Spoor

Carmen Spoor I want my civic freedoms to beable to have the rights to make my own decisions. You can be pro-life and still support the right not to have government in your body. I am not chattel to be dictated by ...See More

James Worthen

James Worthen I don't have a right to dictate what the health choices another human being should be able to make with his or her body.

This is a woman's personal decision regarding her life and her health, and it never, ever should be the government's.

Jake Lester

Jake Lester Endorsing a pro-life candidate is easy, even though I am not comfortable with abortion. Abolishing the right of a woman to decide is criminal, and I do not agree that life begins at conception. I will not have others enforce ...See More

Linn Solomon

Linn Solomon Because.

Verma Cooke-hutchinson

Verma Cooke-hutchinson Women need to make their own choices. That's between them and God.

David Asgard

David Asgard A person's right to control their own body is fundamental. That's all that needs be said.

Felix Ugo-Otubu

Felix Ugo-Otubu Obama is more sincere

Robin Hodgkinson

Robin Hodgkinson It seems disingenuous at best for anti-abortion conservatives to complain about keeping government off people's backs, and in the same breath say that women should not be permitted to have control over their personal reproductive rights.

Patrick Joseph

Patrick Joseph Women must be free to decide what course of action they are allowed to take before the first twenty weeks of pregnancy. Since the fetus can't survive alone, needless to have such a big stink about this issue. Women are ...See More

Tremayne Primm

Tremayne Primm Women should have the right to make the chose. We can not go back to the days when women died trying to self abort.

Sharon Harris

Sharon Harris Pregnancy is a personal committment to another being that it will be taken care of, so the decision to carry a child to term should be made between the individual, their family and their god; not legislated by the government.See More

Troy Ziesmer

Troy Ziesmer There is no other choice here.

Robin Farrell Oleck

Robin Farrell Oleck A woman should have a choice and not be dictated to.

Jo-Ann Morgan

Jo-Ann Morgan The President appoints supreme court justices. It is that simple and that important.

Anthony Going

Anthony Going A woman's body is nobody's business but her own. Simple as that.

Mary Ryan

Mary Ryan Why wouldn't I? Why would I let a man or another woman make the decision of whether or not I have a baby? Because it's my body and my decision! Period!

Heather Mychele Riley

Heather Mychele Riley It's my body, my life, my choice. If I were to get an abortion, would my decision affect you personally? No. So I don't need someone telling me what I can and can't do with my own body because they ...See More

Barbara French

Barbara French Womens rights are civil rights....not choices which the government gets to make for them.

Hardy Haberman

Hardy Haberman President Obama wants women to make their own decisions on their health.

Shawn Robinson

Shawn Robinson God's word says that all life is precious and abortion is wrong no matter how you slice it. So I can't say that I totally agree with the President either but I do agree that it should be the women's ...See More

Ann Ray Frost

Ann Ray Frost In 1974, as a new mother, I lobbied Congress for the NOW in support of Roe v. Wade, so that women would have access to birth control and, if necessary, abortion. The Republicans want to deny women control over our ...See More

Azure Odelia

Azure Odelia Because my healthcare decisions are not a political issue.

Scott Thomas

Scott Thomas My personal life is not any of our Governments business

Sam Harris

Sam Harris a woman's choice is her own right. No one can tell a woman what she can do with her body!

Sydney Epps

Sydney Epps I want to know that if I do not want to have a child, I DO NOT HAVE TO. And DO say "then don't have sex," and I will respond that as a man, half of the care of a ...See More

Athena Hacker

Athena Hacker As a popular internet gif of Rachel from Friends says, "No uterus, no opinion". It's the woman's choice, not government's.

Terri Lowry Locker

Terri Lowry Locker Women have a right to make decisions about their bodies..... it is not up to any man.....or our government to make those decisions for her.

Sandeepan Mukherjee

Sandeepan Mukherjee I believe that its a woman's prerogative to decide if she wants to have a baby, with whom she wants to have a baby and when she wants to have a baby. I feel Obama's views aligns more with mine ...See More

Sheila Beaudoin

Sheila Beaudoin I would not have an abortion - even if it would cause my death afterwards. However, that is my choice. A FREE woman has choice over her body and no one else. If we stop abortion are you going to ...See More

LindaScherer Card Lujan Allan

LindaScherer Card Lujan Allan I agree with the President that Roe v Wade Supreme Court decision protects women's heal and reproductive freedom - the government should stay out of Women's health issues, period.

Mark Schraps

Mark Schraps NO Men have a say Ever

Rosemary Armesto

Rosemary Armesto A woman has the right to make her own choices. It's between her and her doctor. The End.

Michele Kendall

Michele Kendall Because he is allowing the woman to make the decision not govenment

Susan Murray

Susan Murray A Republican President and congress to chip away at women's rights. Allowing any woman, man or child to lose individual rights is a slippery slope we can't afford to slide down. With each loss of rights no matter how small ...See More

Denitra Chapman-Carter

Denitra Chapman-Carter A women should always have control over her own boday.

Catfish Beans

Catfish Beans Because I'm not the type of person who lets emotion and religion come before logic and reason.

Charles Thomas

Charles Thomas I just look back to the statement by Todd Akin and his relation with Paul Ryan on thus matter and thats enough for me.The wealthy people will get there aboritions for the offspring no matter what,they always have.poor people dont ...See More

Cyril Price

Cyril Price All women have the right to decide what is best for their bodies.

Patricia D Nesberg

Patricia D Nesberg The other party is merely pro birth and pro gun rights. President Obama is pro quality of entire life for everyone. I'm not fooled by "pro life" stances that fall off once a child needs a hand up.

Robert Johnson

Robert Johnson Not an abortion fan but lets tackle the cause of unwanted pregnancy not the result

Ansara Lee Sr.

Ansara Lee Sr. He actually cares about women and their health issues

Ann St Clair

Ann St Clair In fact, I endorse Barack Obama on almost everything!

Lisa Baker

Lisa Baker Because it's a personal decision, not a political decision.

Thom Isanski

Thom Isanski Decisions need to be made by the women and whom ever she chooses. Govt. does not need to be involved...thats big over reaching government.

Denyse Miller

Denyse Miller The decision to have an abortion is a personal one between the pregnant woman, her doctor, and her diety, if applicable. The government should not intervene in such a personal and difficult decision.

James Penick Breiling

James Penick Breiling It's a woman's choice. Banning abortion doesn't eliminate it. It only means that those with money who want will get it elsewhere while others (a) are put at risk again OR (b) mothers give birth to children for which the ...See More

Consistent. Backs roe v wade. Respects women

Jake Mihalak

Jake Mihalak Not worth rocking the boat when the boat has a chinese cannon ball size hole in it.

Vincent Flament

Vincent Flament Because it is a personal decision! State or Federal government have no right to meddle into what is after all one of the most painful decision a woman has to make!

Connie DeMetsenare

Connie DeMetsenare Being pro choice does not mean being pro abortion. I think if women are the ones having the baby, they should be the ones to decide if they are going to continue the pregnancy. I do not believe for one ...See More

Edwin Dorn

Edwin Dorn A woman must have the right to exercise her own conscience on this most intimate and emotionally difficult issue.

Ilse Genovese

Ilse Genovese It takes into account all women, in all walks of life, and economic standing.

Andy Bilmanis

Andy Bilmanis he allows options and is not judgmental

Prasad Erabelli

Prasad Erabelli It is upto individual decision

Leslie Mason

Leslie Mason These are health care issues between patients and their providers, not politicians.

John Haskell

John Haskell I believe in a woman's right to choose.

Eliner Tryon Elgin

Eliner Tryon Elgin For women's health and the fact that I believe that government should not intrude on private family matters

Judith McEwen

Judith McEwen believe in choice

Eunice Poethig

Eunice Poethig For several reasons: 1) I have concern for the health of the mother. 2) If a woman is raped she has the right to make the decision about her condition. 3) If the fetus is seriously impaired, she has the ...See More

Steve Schonberg

Steve Schonberg Keep Republican Politicians OUT of the doctor's office

Darrick Sinclair

Darrick Sinclair I don't like abortions nor do I condone it, but I think the government should not have a say in what a woman does with her body.

Michael J. Gould

Michael J. Gould For republicans to cry for "less government," and then put that same government in between a doctor-patient relationship is immoral. Women should have the right to make decisions about their OWN bodies w/o govt. intervention.

Dusan Petrovic

Dusan Petrovic Abortion should be at absolute discretion of women. Nobody should be give right to make this decision on behalf of woman, not a men, not a religion and certainly not the government. While Mr. Romney keeps talking everywhere he can ...See More

Sarah Hamer

Sarah Hamer the repub tstates no abortion, no birth control and meanwhile lets cuts all social programs that help children wromney is a liar.hat wrong with their thinking??? plus

Mara E Meyer

Mara E Meyer It is a matter of choice. Soul searching is what needs to be done in all cases of abortion. Obama supports my decision making skills!

Gregory Bretz

Gregory Bretz Freedom and to promote population control. Also to promote stem cell research.

Mounir Keshen

Mounir Keshen This country is all about freedom, why should my happiness make others sad, or my sadness make others happy? Every Americans have the right to chose for them self. Some people preach around that government should get out our business, ...See More

Destiny Hubert

Destiny Hubert Because it is a woman's right to govern her body not the government

Chris Martin

Chris Martin Uphold roe vs. Wade and keep the government away from our personal and moral choices regarding life.

Marilyn Rider

Marilyn Rider I want abortions to be rare and safe. If you have worked with moms who are in poverty and just can't afford another child due to health and economic burdens there are some times it seem the only solution.l

Laxmi Prasad

Laxmi Prasad Pro-choice

Diana Kitch

Diana Kitch I don't like the government in my business....

Fran Powers

Fran Powers womans right to choose

Kay Branaman Eakin

Kay Branaman Eakin Women should have control of their own bodies

Steven Pohlmann

Steven Pohlmann I do not trust Romney

Moru Souare


Women and their doctors should decide on personal issues such as how many children to have. We don't need government in our bedrooms.

Linda Hatfield

Linda Hatfield Because he knows this is a medical and deeply personal issue.

Arielle Newcomb

Arielle Newcomb Abortion should be a woman's choice - not the government's. Within reason, of course, but in the end, it's a woman's body that is caring for the child; it is not some politician's job to care for the child. More ...See More

Jane Pronovost

Jane Pronovost Really, it's not government business to "invade" family matters. Personally I am against abortion. I wouldn't do it, but I have good friends that needed to do, because family problems, health problems, or plain and simple: they couldn't afford to ...See More

Bernard Brown Jr.

Bernard Brown Jr. Mr Romney cannot be trusted. He Have flipflopped on too many important issues.

Joe Mbu

Joe Mbu Government should not get into personal business.

Greg Davidson

Greg Davidson Talk about government interfeering in one's life! Women should have this free choice, and especially poor women who may likely face social challenges many cannot even imagine.

Willard Ross

Willard Ross Aborsion comes up in almost every election and I believe in freedom of choice, it isn't a government matter it is a religion matter, although I do think a mother should go full term and have the child and have ...See More

Christine Gray

Christine Gray The government does not need to be involved in these matters.

Patricia Carlton

Patricia Carlton The government should keep its hands off of women's private lives.

Raymond Pratto

Raymond Pratto The Republicans had tried to killed all of those programs in the past and will continue to do so. Bush father and son killed a bunch of social programs and both of them went to war and cause of their ...See More

Neither the government, nor you or me should have anything to say on a womanᷰs freedom over her body.

Jerry Jewler

Jerry Jewler No government has the right to control a woman's body. Period. It's a personal issue, not a political one.

Ariel D'nee Herbert

Ariel D'nee Herbert woman should have a option

Cheryl Adam

Cheryl Adam This right should not even be questioned. It's a health care issue, and nobody has any business interfering with a woman's choices regarding her own body. A fetus is not a baby.

Regina McClean

Regina McClean Who am I too judge on this issue?

Joe Walters

Joe Walters come on now people women dersirve our support,they need our support,vote obama

Sahar Allamezade

Sahar Allamezade Women should be free to choose what to do with their bodies.

Millicent Hollins

Millicent Hollins I want to honor a woman's reproductive freedom of choice.

Leimomi Martin

Leimomi Martin I support abortion rights of women compared to Akin he express just recently!..Go figure on Akin

Mauricio Mesa Cordoba

Mauricio Mesa Cordoba No one has a right to make decisions for women.It should not be a government's choice

Kelly Parrish

Kelly Parrish Women should have the right to chose what happens with their own body. Women should not be forced to carrying children that were forced on them by men through incest and rape. If birth control were covered under medical insurance ...See More

John Kilcoyne

John Kilcoyne People need to be able to make their own decision on issues like this. A women has the right to choose and we all should be working to reduce abortions wihtoput making them illegal and therefore more dangerous.

Mayer Buxbaum

Mayer Buxbaum Let's not forget what Rick Santorum had said. That even if a woman was raped, she should make the best of the situation

Christopher Gourgouras

Christopher Gourgouras The government has no right to make important life decisions for women.

Napoleon Holliman

Napoleon Holliman Because women have a right to CHOSE.

Sydney Elaine

Sydney Elaine Because women should be able to make their own decisions when it comes to their reproductive health.

Ezekiel Josephs

Ezekiel Josephs I think this issue should be left to the ladies...

Vicki Green

Vicki Green Pro Choice

Don B. Sea

Don B. Sea Make abortions free, safe, and FOR GOD'S SAKE TEACH SEX EDUCATION/BIRTH CONTROL IN ALL SHCOOLS. Tell the Pope the take a flying leap off the roof of the Vatican.

Jason Eyerly

Jason Eyerly Regardless of whether you agree with abortion, it's going to happen. It needs to be preformed by a doctor like any medical procedure to ensure the health of the patient. The government shouldn't be involved in private medical choices about ...See More

Jewels Ofthenile

Jewels Ofthenile It's a woman's body; it's her choice. Not everyone can afford a sick child; not everyone can afford to have a child; and our taxpayers do not need another mouth to feed or hear of another abused child. Things occur ...See More

Amber Churn

Amber Churn He doesnt believe in protecting the women of this country in case of incest or rape

James Potts

James Potts Conservatives want WAR...it is killing...and they want all women to carry all pregnancies to term, but don't want to support the outcome of that pregnancy, the child that may be born into poverty with little to no means to support ...See More

Frank Lechner

Frank Lechner Two words: His record.

Vicki Regna

Vicki Regna Obama understands the legal underpinning of Roe v. Wade (the law) is the right to privacy.

Morris Dave Amara

Morris Dave Amara My reason is that women should maintain their right to make decisions on their body.

Laura Nina Thomas

Laura Nina Thomas As a woman, I believe it is a woman's choice whether or not to abort the baby.

Nancy Meehan Nicholson

Nancy Meehan Nicholson A woman's choice about whether or not to terminate a pregnancy is between her and God. We were all endowed with a conscience. We don't need "Jiminy Cricket" perched on our shoulder deciding for us.

Gary Cross

Gary Cross I chose President Obama because he allows women to make a choice. I do not feel anyone has a right to make decisions for women.

Sumit Barua

Sumit Barua Whatever he does, still every women should support him because his law of abortion is right.

Maeve Ryan

Maeve Ryan i don't have an opinion yet, but i don't want Romney to tell me what i can do either. He's a big fat liar.

Michael Digiovanni

Michael Digiovanni Obviously women have the right to govern their own bodies, any other view is archaic.

Judy Zitko

Judy Zitko I feel a woman has the right to choose and government should not concern themselves in women;s lives.

Haydee Olivares-Grimes

Haydee Olivares-Grimes Obama supports abortion rights. He is a defender of womens rights.

Lauren Page

Lauren Page Pro choice all the way

Richard Baham

Richard Baham Its a womans buissiness what she does with her body.

Betty Mcleod

Betty Mcleod It is not my business or the governments' to tell a women what to do with her body or what she should believe. Pro abortion, neutral or anti-abortion, it's no-ones business unless I want it to be.

Betty Mcleod

Betty Mcleod It is not my business or the governments' to tell a women what to do with her body or what she should believe. Pro abortion, neutral or anti-abortion, it's no-ones business unless I want it to be.

Julia Gosztyla Ziobro

Julia Gosztyla Ziobro Respect for women, their autonomy, and their choices.

Catherine Walker

Catherine Walker he understand women better.

Shalin Shekhar

Shalin Shekhar Much clear ideas on what needs to be done, I can see a plan and I am aware that recovery from this kind of depression will take time.

Jeff Russell

Jeff Russell Women have to have the ability to make an informed choice and the Republicans are not offering anyone a choice.

Jerry Planta


Anastasia Aldridge

Anastasia Aldridge Obama's plan allows women more access to birth control and allows sex education to be more freely offered. That's the best way to reduce abortion.

Eddie Kadoyi

Eddie Kadoyi Every Woman has right on her on Body, not any Religion People or Politician to decide.

Arnold Molotsky

Arnold Molotsky It should not be a government's choice, it should be a woman's choice.

Pam Miner

Pam Miner Sometimes there is a real need for it. I don't think partial birth abortions should Ever be done, but a dr. and patient should have a little bit of flexibility, not just a complete bad on them. Women found ways ...See More

Karen Spivey-Cummings

Karen Spivey-Cummings This is a woman's right to make her own decisions regarding her reproductive rights. The govt. needs to stay out of this. State and federal.

This is a woman's right to make her own decisions regarding her reproductive rights. The govt. needs to stay out of this. State and federal.

Patrick Cronin

Patrick Cronin I want Government out of my bedroom and my Doctor's office. I thought Republicans were about less government which is only true when it comes to issues they think are important. Less Government means less government not ammend section A. ...See More

Karina De Souza

Karina De Souza I endorse President Obama because he believes that women are capable of making their own decisions when it comes to their bodies, health, future and family.

Ken Lee

Ken Lee Akin and Ryan, nuff said

Mitch Freifeld

Mitch Freifeld a woman't body is belongs to that woman in question. not to a bunch of old white men. the ridiculousness of every republican stance on this issue is astounding; another republican wedge issue designed to have you look at this ...See More

Diana Kitch

Diana Kitch he's closer to pro choice than Romney.

Shelley Snyderman

Shelley Snyderman I support a person's right to chose and reject government's interference in dictating soical issue policy.

Thomas Mosby

Thomas Mosby Bc it should be kept legal...and safely regulated...so, women won't be dieing in the back alleyways and basements in filth...

Carol Johnson

Carol Johnson Obama is more stable and trustworthy

Fred Burgos DiAngelo

Fred Burgos DiAngelo The right side believe (old, ignorant sexually deprived, one foot in the grave angry white men) that people should intervene in the most difficult decision a woman has to make in her life. Put aside that perhaps the woman (sometimes ...See More

Mary Reynolds Bevil

Mary Reynolds Bevil This issue was decided by Roe v Wade! I feel the GOP has come out strongly against women's issues in the last few years.

Donna Rock

Donna Rock Republicans are trying to drive in reverse the issue back into the 40's.

Bill Macomber

Bill Macomber The obvious choice here.

Patrick Ogunoh

Patrick Ogunoh Supports giving women right to their health issue without big government intervention between the woman and her doctor.

John Bryant

John Bryant Woman should make their own personal choices.

Tim Perkins

Tim Perkins Individual health care issues should be decided by each individual person not dictated by religious (or any other) organizations.

Andrea Schneider

Andrea Schneider Woman have the right to choose and make personal decisions about their own bodies. This has been litigated a long time ago. I can't imagine having the state interfere with my rights and decisions.

John M Lynch

John M Lynch It is for the woman to decide. If a fetus can survive outside of the womb than I am against abortion but until that moment it should not be deemed murder.

James Mazzarelli

James Mazzarelli While I personally disagree on abortion, I also believe that in America, people have the right to make their own choice on personal decisions such as abortion and gay marriage. A woman has the right to her own medical decisions ...See More

Edith Hm

Edith Hm Women must to have the freedom to decide what to do with their bodies.

Dmitriy Bivol

Dmitriy Bivol Because he stands for women making the decisions about their bodies.

Alan J. Franklin

Alan J. Franklin I strongly support a woman's right to privacy and her family's consideration.

Karla Walker

Karla Walker Because he stands for women making the decisions about their bodies.

Charles P Crawford

Charles P Crawford Those that think that an human embryo is a human being need an education in the biological sciences, especially embryology. Keep your religion to yourselves.

Cheryl Baxter-Waller

Cheryl Baxter-Waller he allows women to choose for their own health and safety,

Babbr Lami

Babbr Lami It is women's choice

Dee Earles

Dee Earles is he is not taking women's rights away

Jeffery Smith

Jeffery Smith It is a women's choice.

Laura Ankerson

Laura Ankerson I do not believe in and would never have an abortion... but I also KNOW that MY rights and BELIEFS end where YOURS begin. Therefore, neither myself nor anyone else should have the right to determine how someone else's body ...See More

Gena Lewis

Gena Lewis He want to take of all the people and he believes in woman rights

George Henderson

George Henderson Roe vs. Wade has been long established. Mitt wants to take America back to the days when women kept their mouths shut (or better yet, just didn't bother having any ideas about anything) and stayed at home, uneducated, obedient, barefoot ...See More

Patricia Wexler

Patricia Wexler womens rights

Raysa Stroud

Raysa Stroud My body... My right!

Stephen Kraut

Stephen Kraut The Government has no right to interfere in the private medical affairs of its citizens, including its women citizens.

Stephen Kraut

Stephen Kraut The Government has no right to interfere in the private medical affairs of its citizens, including its women citizens.

Stephen Kraut

Stephen Kraut The Government has no right to interfere in the private medical affairs of its citizens, including its women citizens.

The Government has no right to interfere in the private medical affairs of its citizens, including its women citizens.

Michael R. Pierce

Michael R. Pierce Its all about choice and the freedom to have it.

Marjorie Sammo

Marjorie Sammo I think the families and the women involved are the ones who should make the decision, not the government.

Terence Weiller

Terence Weiller How about woman aren't forced to do things with their body...?

Brian F Kelly

Brian F Kelly I am a man, I don't think I have the right to tell a woman what to do with her body

Joanna Parrott

Joanna Parrott It is a decision that should only be between a woman and her god. We have no right to tell anyone whay they shopuld do.

Mike Johnson

Mike Johnson I have to give Obama the worse i could every give any body.

Pete Fritzsching

Pete Fritzsching Choice, Equality and Inclusion are the basic rights of all citizens. No government agency should be allowed to infringe on the above.

Listiel Rock

Listiel Rock A woman's decision about her body is just that. Her's and nobody else.

Eric OccupyChicago Roberts

Eric OccupyChicago Roberts He is for a woman's right to choose and to make her own medical decisions rather than being treated as property.

Rhondalynn Brown

Rhondalynn Brown Because I'm pro-choice, of course.

Eliza Voter

Eliza Voter The Republican party says we need less government yet they are willing to tell women what they can and cannot do with their bodies? Seems hypocritical to me.

Dorethea Kennedy

Dorethea Kennedy I believe that women should have a choice to decide whether they want the responsibility of bringing a child into the world. However, I believe that women should be responsible and use protection when engaging in sexual activity to avoid ...See More

Leon Portelance

Leon Portelance I am pro choice and support women's rights to make their own health care choices. I don't want the government in my bedroom or my wife's vsgina.

Denise Oliver-Velez

Denise Oliver-Velez Women have the right to control their own bodies.

Martin Chiaravalloti

Martin Chiaravalloti A womans right to choose should not be decided by men in their sixties. No one is pro abortion, just pro choice. Invasive ultrasound is not needed to force women to consider their actions, I've known women who had an ...See More

Jennifer Levitan

Jennifer Levitan My body, my choice. Period!

Celia Key

Celia Key Obama supports a Woman's right to choose, Romney doesn't

Boar Laze

Boar Laze It's her body.

JeaGloris Powell

JeaGloris Powell Because womens do have a right to choos e how they want to make decisions concerning their beliefs.

Sam Lehman

Sam Lehman Its funny how republicans are so willing to defend something without a heartbeat, brainwaves, or sensory abilities, but won't defend those who are living and are suffering.

Travis Glanz

Travis Glanz Twit purchased an abortion clinic when he was running Bain. He then proceeded to outsource all of the jobs to China.

Cedar Lay

Cedar Lay i support women's rights

Donna Gorman

Donna Gorman He protects women's rights. He's proven it.

Faith Turner

Faith Turner It is very clear that Repbulican platform has absolutely nothing different to offer from the previous republican administration and we all know where that got us.The instense campaign that the republicans launched from the day Obama took office to discredit ...See More

Michael Petersen

Michael Petersen As long as it is in their body it is their decision.

Miriasha Borsykowsky

Miriasha Borsykowsky It's a woman's own choice.

Mike Askme

Mike Askme because i cant have a child so i should not make a decision for some one who can.

Mike Askme

Mike Askme because i cant have a child so i should not make a decision for some one who can.

Lynne Sanders Bielska

Lynne Sanders Bielska I don't think the government should tell women who are faced with very difficult situations what they have to do. It's not their place. PERIOD.

Gladstone Harrison

Gladstone Harrison Everyone has the right to choose

Josh Thorns

Josh Thorns i am pro choice

Robert Smith

Robert Smith It's a woman choice between her and her doctor not a politician or employer.

Rebecca Hillary Bine

Rebecca Hillary Bine Not even talking about medically needed abortions, I believe that it is worse to force an unwanted baby to be born and put through rejection, foster care, and the adoption system than to have a first term abortion. There are ...See More

Barbara Jones Hatcher

Barbara Jones Hatcher Women have the God-given right to make decisions for themselves and their unborn child.

Jane Davis

Jane Davis Women should run their own bodies NOT ROMNEY.

Ryan Cameron Pabon

Ryan Cameron Pabon It is not for men to tell women what they can or cannot do with their own bodies, or for the doctrines of one (extremely vocal) religious lobby to be universally enforced in a country where religion is meant to ...See More

Grace Tilly

Grace Tilly Every women should be-able to make her own choice!

Yannick Luce Yambaka

Yannick Luce Yambaka There are a lot of women/men whom are not fit to be parents. I believe at the end of the day it is the woman's right to decide if she wants to have the baby or not.

Michelle Strickland

Michelle Strickland My body, my choice. Not the government.

Karla Walker

Karla Walker Because he's on the side of women making their own choices!

Mia Amélie Robidoux

Mia Amélie Robidoux The President understands that we cannot backslide when it comes to reproductive rights, abortion, and women's health. The alternative would move us backwards into a dangerous time for women, and I have faith in President Obama's ability to protect us ...See More

Jason Safford

Jason Safford The alternative is no choice.

Michaelle Michelle Marks

Michaelle Michelle Marks Because Obama said it best. Besides I have never sat at a dinner table with anyone from a governing body. What's done in a family, stays in a family.

Muthu Ganapathy

Muthu Ganapathy women's rights are to be respected and to be protected

Ja Lo

Ja Lo Choice is mine-not government.

Erica Trowell Robinson

Erica Trowell Robinson I'm a woman that believe I should make decisions about my body with my husband and have the right to make whatever decision i want to make when it comes to me.

Joshua Schultz

Joshua Schultz Most of the time its not a choice that people want to make, they have to. And in some situations they need to be allowed to. And society needs to stop making people feel even worse about a bad enough ...See More

Shari Turner

Shari Turner As a victim of rape, I understand the physical and emotional pain sexual abuse can cause. Women should have the right to protect themselves from further pain if they choose. I also believe if a woman's life or health is ...See More

Anna Neaphyte

Anna Neaphyte Reproductive rights rest on the recognition of the basic right of all couples and individuals to decide freely and responsibly the number, spacing and timing of their children and to have the information and means to do so, and the ...See More

Jay Staxx Sr.

Jay Staxx Sr. The right to choose has already been established by the US Supreme Court and Congress should make no law abridging this right. However, taxpayer dollars should not be spent on these procedures except in the case of rape, incest, and ...See More

Neal Walker

Neal Walker As a matter of fundamental personal liberty, women should choose, each for herself, whether to abort a fetus or to carry that fetus full term. Family planning should be a woman's choice that she makes for herself and her family, ...See More

Anne Greenwood

Anne Greenwood Government should stay out of the way. It is a matter between a woman and her doctor and her family in deciding these issues.

Patti Held

Patti Held Government should not be able to dictate what a woman chooses to do with her body.

Kimani Thomas

Kimani Thomas There is an innate right for any human being to have a right to decide on issues which affect his/her body. On the issue of abortion, a woman has the right to decide on that issue. In most cases men ...See More

Milo Art

Milo Art the government shouldnt tell Doctors how to practice medicine and its ludicrous for anyone else to have control over a woman's body.

Faye Davis

Faye Davis A woman should have the right to control her own body!

Naomi Johnson

Naomi Johnson Because the decision to terminate a pregnancy belongs to me and no one else. Not politicians I never voted for; not my doctor; not even the father, although his feelings and opinions certainly do warrant consideration, it's still ultimately my ...See More


Elaine DeFoor

Elaine DeFoor Personally I could never have an abortion but I defend a women's right to make decisions about her own body. The decision to have an abortion should be between her and her God or her beliefs.

Kathleen Sawyer

Kathleen Sawyer it is a woman's decision.

Marion Vines

Marion Vines this is a family matter let the person do what is best for her

Thomas Cannady

Thomas Cannady The president recognizes the privacy issue and the choice decision must belong to the people who created the potential human being.

Rene Leogrande

Rene Leogrande Let's get back to separation of religion/church and state. What a concept!

Amelia Gross

Amelia Gross My uterus is private property.

Jeff Bunting

Jeff Bunting A woman has the right to choose what to do with her own body. It is not for the government or anyone else to make this decision.

Sage Keramet Bellamy

Sage Keramet Bellamy What he said, the Government should not intrude on private family matters!

Mamie-Louise Anderson

Mamie-Louise Anderson A woman's right to choose IS pro-life.

Richard Salim Rawson

Richard Salim Rawson Men have no right or say in the abortion, its not their body and women must have the right to choose.

Terrie Miller

Terrie Miller Government should mot be able to dictate what a woman chooses to do with her body.

Jackie Wilson

Jackie Wilson Republicans want to make women do as they want, have children, even if the mother's life is in the balance, or if you were raped, or a victim of incest. What is wrong with this? It is our bodies, and ...See More

Herb Lesser

Herb Lesser women have the right to decide anything involving their body.

Renet' Rains

Renet' Rains The right to choose is Every Americans' Right

Stephen Kraut

Stephen Kraut The Government has no business telling people what type of medical care they choose to take.

Truscha Quatrone

Truscha Quatrone I believe that only a woman should make decisions about her body.

Kathleen Nelson

Kathleen Nelson It is nobody's business what a woman decides to do with her body except hers. Republicans say the child had nothing to do with it so it is innocent and should be brought into the world. They claim it is ...See More

JoAnn Barker Jacques

JoAnn Barker Jacques Because we need to move forward - not backward.

Breckin Perry

Breckin Perry Obama has great views which most women recommend. He is for a woman's right to choose. He is for fixing our economy and has pushed for job bills which have been struck down or delayed for a year by Repubs ...See More

Veronica Hernandez

Veronica Hernandez The answer is simple, it's my body.

Sheri Rhodes

Sheri Rhodes Are we fighting this battle again? Really????? Isn't it just like a group of old men to make laws that pertain to women. Don't tell me what I can or cannot do with my body!!!

Gov. has no business when it comes to a womans choice. Thats the way I want to keep it.

Lenoa L Gary

Lenoa L Gary My body, my choice!

Landra Major

Landra Major You do what right for you, but do not tell me what's right for me!

Darlene Williams

Darlene Williams President Obama has a more realistic view regarding abortion issues and respects a women's individual right to make that decision.

Jane M Comer

Jane M Comer I am the only person who can decide what is right for my life and my body. The government has no right to dictate that more me any more than they are able to decide whether I can get a ...See More

Karen E Taylor

Karen E Taylor Romney is superficial trying to appeal to the evangelicals and himself. There is no sign that Romney is pro women in terms of the liberation of women.

Patty Corbett

Patty Corbett Romney, it seems wants to do away with it altogether. He's too conservative. Truthfully it's none of the government's business what a woman does with her body, but for some reason, government seems to think it is their business.

Alexis Aguila

Alexis Aguila "The government should not intrude in private matters"

Lewis Hemmerton

Lewis Hemmerton Because I support abortion rights.

Pothr Hamlin

Pothr Hamlin I am pro-life (except in cases of rape, incest, danger to the mother, etc) but the Government should not interfere in this right. The court decided Roe v Wade years ago, it's time to focus on the economy and not ...See More

Dev Sta

Dev Sta Because he has two daughters .... and understands that rape is serious ...

Juan Israel

Juan Israel I am pro choice and proud of it. It is a woman's body and it is her right to choose what happens to her. Life does not begin at conception, while I agree that late abortions are wrong we cannot ...See More

Melissa Resek

Melissa Resek While I am morally against abortion, I do not feel that the government has the right to interfere with individual decisions. I believe that abortion is the killing of another human being, but if we are going to eliminate it, ...See More

Bill Schwartz

Bill Schwartz Let's start by keeping the government out of the bedroom. Socially strict Republicans work tirelessly to protect the unborn. It's only when the baby is born that they cut spending for health care to the poor and money for education. ...See More

Trudy Sanders

Trudy Sanders No one wants abortion, but it is a personal issue that only a woman can make. Stay out of our bedrooms!

Ray Barnes


Oby Okafor

Oby Okafor I believe that he is truly on my side

Pamela Simpson

Pamela Simpson Government should not try to control women and the GOP knows nothing about the reproductive system!

Patty Scott Miller

Patty Scott Miller Because I live in the 21rst Century.

Ford Fowler

Ford Fowler freedom

Stephen Schneider

Stephen Schneider Romney is an extremist with an even more extreme VP pick. He would turn back the clock on womens rights to their own bodies to the mid fifties days of back room abortions and self induced coat hanger abortions that ...See More

Trish Podgorski

Trish Podgorski The government has no business in a very personal medical decision. The psychological ramifications of a girl or woman having a baby because of rape or incest, are monumental. The choice must be maintained by the woman and her conscience, ...See More

Anthony M Battista

Anthony M Battista The Republican party would have been perfect in the Middle Ages

Netta Butler

Netta Butler I believe in a woman's right to choose and I believe that Obama will continue to protect my rights on this issue while Romney will fight to end abortion in all cases. I feel that no one should have the ...See More

Orlena Joyce Sizemore

Orlena Joyce Sizemore i believe in peoples right to choice

Jordan Tjersland

Jordan Tjersland It is a womans right to choose

Fernando Salazar

Fernando Salazar No matter how one turns it, it is still a woman choice. It is the role of our government to protect her rights and choices.

Robert MacKenzie

Robert MacKenzie Not an ideologue.

Jason Varner

Jason Varner I support Life; however, a woman's body is her private property and as a true conservative I have no Right to deny her the choice. I do not think this should be an issue governed by the federal government. This ...See More

Jaime Burton

Jaime Burton because it women right to choose to with her body

Dan Hess

Dan Hess The decision about a woman's life should be left to her, not to a bunch of white men in the capital. I don't personally like the idea of abortion, but I'm at least decent enough not to try to force ...See More

Gabe Brian Aderhold

Gabe Brian Aderhold Because it's so difficulty to create a societal definition of when abortion is moral or immoral, I believe the people most able to decide when abortion is right/wrong is between a woman and her doctor.

Alexa Racheé Patrice Watkins

Alexa Racheé Patrice Watkins He supports my right to choose.

Karla Ruiz

Karla Ruiz women should have final word about pregnancies

Jennifer Adams

Jennifer Adams Obama trusts women to make choices for themselves that are not anyone else's business. He respects individual's rights, even the poor and disenfranchised.

Gary James

Gary James Women have the right to decide about their own health issues and abortion is an extremely personal one.

Geneva Broadnax

Geneva Broadnax A women right to make choices, for whats right for them

Victoria Stith

Victoria Stith The President realizes that women have the biggest say so in their lives. Although I'm a born again Christian abortion would not be my choice ever again. But there has to be ways where women don't have to make this ...See More

Renee Burdine

Renee Burdine He understands and agrees that women have the right to choose for themselves

Rodney Griffith

Rodney Griffith All woman has the right to choose for themselves. The government has no right in the doctors office to tell her what she can and cannot do.

Hazem Abdalla

Hazem Abdalla It is a woman's right to choose.

Kate Dyson

Kate Dyson it is a woman's right to choose.

Helene Nicholson

Helene Nicholson He is right to let women make their own decision on what they should do with their bodies.

Mariam Cohen

Mariam Cohen Abortion should be safe, legal, and rare. Given access to contraception, good education about sexuality, women should be able to control their lives themselves, using abortion as a last resort.

Chynna Rolland

Chynna Rolland Republicans speak with a forked tongue. They sOr will we be seeing the poor as they see Mars???

Clément Chevalier

Clément Chevalier I don’t trust the Government with my body.

Pam Miner

Pam Miner Women should have a choice.

Frank Robert

Frank Robert Without going into detail....I just do

Spot Ify

Spot Ify Keep the Gov't out of woman's uteruses.

Chrissy Randolph

Chrissy Randolph The only reason why I need to endorse Obama on his Abortion stance is his very own quote, "We must remember that this Supreme Court decision not only protects a woman’s health and reproductive freedom, but also affirms a broader ...See More

Srinadh Godavarthy

Srinadh Godavarthy Talks about government intrusion and freedom. This is a woman's issue leave it to them to make their own decision.

Angelica Ortiz

Angelica Ortiz Abortion is a decision best left to the conscience of the patient. In the end, the government and society are NOT affected by this very personal decision. If it is in the best interest of the patient, a citizen, and ...See More

Emberdink Humberdittle

Emberdink Humberdittle It's a case of sanity vs. insanity. Congressman Akin or Ryan -or Mitt Romney - what's the difference. They are all denying critical women’s health services, weakening the definition of rape, and taking away access to preventive care like cervical ...See More

Rachel Thompson

Rachel Thompson I believe in a woman's right to choose. I believe women have been marginalized in society for far too long. Roe vs. Wade changed that. We MUST ensure that we don't have our rights taken away!

D-Faried Ahmed

D-Faried Ahmed Whereas i believe it to be the height of idiocy that ignorant men are deciding on women's health issue. One party has shown itself to be more hostile towards the fairer sex than the other.

Diane K. Kovacs

Diane K. Kovacs Our bodies. Our lives. The GOP does not support OUR right to life and health.

Pam Miner

Pam Miner this should be decided between a woman and her doctor.

Mark Gruszka

Mark Gruszka Gonvernment should not interfere with a womens right to choose

Denia Marie Price

Denia Marie Price These are personal decisions.

Brenda Olson Mead

Brenda Olson Mead No government has the right to interfere with a woman's decision to reproduce, or not to reproduce. Period.

Patricia Carlton

Patricia Carlton These are women's decisions and private family matters. Government has no right to intrude.

Brandy Smith

Brandy Smith He doesn't approve of "Legitimate Rape" like SOME PEOPLE >_> *cough Todd Akins and Republicans that think the same way as he does cough*

Cindy Loo

Cindy Loo My body, my choice.

Michelle Robinson

Michelle Robinson No one but myself and my doctor have any business dealing with my uterus and ovaries. Period.

Katey Hollon

Katey Hollon “We must remember that this Supreme Court decision not only protects a woman’s health and reproductive freedom, but also affirms a broader principle: that government should not intrude on private family matters.” Very well said! I, personally, wouldn't get an ...See More

Jane Plitt

Jane Plitt In this day and age when we hear the importance of "getting Government out of our lives," it is ironic that the Republics make the exception when it comes to women's bodies and control.

Linda Malin Reuler

Linda Malin Reuler Women's issues are not a problem for government. a woman has the free will to make her own choice about her own body!

David Auger

David Auger Woman have the explicit right to make decisions about their bodies, be they pregnant or not. The only stipulation that I personally have in regards to abortion is that it occurs before three months of development, for it is at ...See More

Johnice Reid

Johnice Reid Women have the right to control their bodies reproductive organs. Family size and a woman's health are important to the well-being of the family unit.

John Sheffield

John Sheffield I think the previous commenter, Sydna Taylor, spoke quite well in her comment. That being said I would like to add that who am I to judge a woman if she has an abortion? I am not in her shoes ...See More

Doug Tise

Doug Tise It should be a woman's choice. The best choice will not always be made. But freedom must be more important. You cannot tell everyone no, because a few will abuse the freedom.

Sydna Taylor

Sydna Taylor Women are moral, intelligent people. We can make our own choices and this issue is too personal to be controlled by government or the church. Women will do what they believe is correct.

Torrey S. Wang

Torrey S. Wang Someone said, in support of Romney, that "You are fined for damaging eagle eggs, but you can kill a baby and the government pays for it. That is just insanely wrong." That is a silly attempt at an analogy. The ...See More

Madelyn Bryson

Madelyn Bryson I support abortion in that it should be rare, safe and affordable for women. However, I believe woman have to make their own decisions about their bodies, not 433 m3n in Congress.

Samantha Dawn Wolford

Samantha Dawn Wolford Just because I believe their are other options, doesn't mean I have the right to make that decision for someone else.

Maxie Moore

Maxie Moore Women should have the right to make their own choices about their lives and bodies.

Will Caligiuri

Will Caligiuri .....because we can't take things backwards, which is the direction Romney would take us, ...to the days of back room abortions.

Bob Wilkes

Bob Wilkes believe in women's right to choose.

Veronica Leary

Veronica Leary Women's liberties are just as important as men's liberties.

Jay Adams-Feuer

Jay Adams-Feuer Because I believe ultimately that a woman has the right to do as she wishes with her own bady and that body and her choices should be inviolable.

Hanns Barker

Hanns Barker Simple, Obama is pro choice and so am I. Romney cannot be trusted not to nominate a pro choice justice to the Supreme Court, either.

Charles Davis

Charles Davis The government has no right to infringe upon health care decisions of women.

Elaine Bishop

Elaine Bishop i am a woman

Des Wan

Des Wan Women's choice is Women's choice!

Solja Itstrue

Solja Itstrue President Obama believes that a woman should be in control of her own health decisions. That's all I need right there!

Tonya Michaels

Tonya Michaels I wish we didn't have to make these decisions, but the two guys on the R column are making decisions based, it seems, on their religious background and that is just WRONG! I, as a woman, am in control of ...See More

Eric Jackson

Eric Jackson He's pro-choice

Frankie Knueppel

Frankie Knueppel Government should not get involved in private family matters, however, there is still the problems with trafficking minors etc.... some heaver penalties on the facilities that allow illegal sex trafficking would be great.... planned parenthood is a bad reputation for ...See More

Paul Klutes

Paul Klutes Women need the right to make ultimate decisions about their reproductive health.

Dennis Gates

Dennis Gates he is not trying to run my personal life with his beliefs

Ellen Louise

Ellen Louise Romney seems too inconsistent on this issue. It's hard to tell what we're getting.

Bailey Dm

Bailey Dm a woman has right over her body her decision should be discused w her doctor not her congressman

Berry Lee

Berry Lee Im pro choice!

Each woman's body belongs to herself alone. Decisions about abortion belong to her and her own affected family - no one else - full stop.

Robert Lieb

Robert Lieb Conservatives love government control when it comes to sex and a women's body.

Valerie Cole

Valerie Cole Roe v Wade has been settled. Roe v. Wade is NOT just two ways to cross the Potomac! Medical issues should be between doctor and patient only and Obama knows this. The act of having and making choices of one's ...See More

Ira Weiner

Ira Weiner OK - I'm for pro-choice. Sorry......

Rupert Schmitt

Rupert Schmitt Abortion opponents base their view on religion. Their religious opiinions should not control everyone

Ruth Fish

Ruth Fish It's a woman's right to choose not the gov,t. I Sam in charge of my body not congress!

Shawn P. Beighle

Shawn P. Beighle Government has no place in a woman's body.

Scott Kidd

Scott Kidd The government has no business interfering with a person's right over their own body.

Tommy Rabid

Tommy Rabid “We must remember that this Supreme Court decision not only protects a woman’s health and reproductive freedom, but also affirms a broader principle: that government should not intrude on private family matters.” -Obama

Shaun Dakin

Shaun Dakin Women should make their own decisions.

Eric Baker

Eric Baker Safe abortions save lives of women

Obama's Statements (8)

February 25, 2010
Let me just -- let me just make one other point.  I'll save you -- I'll save you -- for 30 years, we've had a federal law that says that we're not going to have taxpayer funding of abortions.  We've had this debate in the House.  It was a very serious debate.  But in the House -- the House spoke, and the House upheld the language we have had in law for 30 years that there will be no taxpayer funding of abortions.  This bill that we have before us -- and there was no reference to that issue in your outline, , begins -- for the first time in 30 years, allows for the taxpayer funding of abortions.
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February 26, 2010
So we have addressed many of these issues in the bill.  I think it's really important to note, though, and I want the record to show -- because two statements were made here that are not factual in relationship to these bills.  My colleague, Mr. -- Leader Boehner, the law of the land is there is no public funding of abortion and there is no public funding of abortion in these bills.  And I don't want our listeners or viewers to get the wrong impression from what you said.  Mr. Camp -- Mr. Camp, you said that the Medicare cuts in this bill cut benefits for seniors; they do not.  They do not.
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September 28, 2010
Now, with respect to the abortion issue, I actually think -- I mean, there are laws both federal, state and constitutional that are in place. And I think that this is an area where I think Bill Clinton had the right formulation a couple of decades ago, which is abortion should be safe, legal, and rare. I think that it’s something that all of us should recognize is a difficult, sometimes -- oftentimes tragic situation that families are wrestling with.
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September 28, 2010
I think the families and the women involved are the ones who should make the decision, not the government. But I do think actually that there are a whole host of laws on the books that after a certain period, the interests shift such that you can have some restrictions, for example, on late-term abortions, and appropriately so. So there is in fact a set of rules in place.
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April 27, 2012
Soon, insurance companies will no longer be able to deny coverage based on preexisting conditions like breast cancer, or charge women more just because they’re women. And this year, women will receive new access to recommended preventive care like domestic violence screening and contraception at no additional cost. That’s going to be happening. 
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April 27, 2012
This contraception fight in particular was illuminating.  It was like being in a time machine. Republicans in Congress were going so far as to say an employer should be able to have a say in the health care decisions of its female employees.  And I’m always puzzled by this.  This is a party that says it prides itself on being rabidly anti-regulation.  These are folks who claim to believe in freedom from government interference and meddling.  But it doesn’t seem to bother them when it comes to women’s health.
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April 29, 2012
That’s before I start talking about social issues that are at stake.  You know something about that in Virginia; the kinds of nonsense that’s been going on.  But that’s all across the country.  When you have folks who talk about -- want to repeal “don’t ask” -- repeal the repeal of “don’t ask, don’t tell.” When you have folks who are talking about not just constraining women’s reproductive health, but questioning things like contraception as part of our preventive care.
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April 29, 2012
Our chaperone for the evening is Jimmy Kimmel who is perfect for the job since most of tonight’s audience is in his key demographic -- people who fall asleep during Nightline. Jimmy got his start years ago on The Man Show.  In Washington, that’s what we call a congressional hearing on contraception. 
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Issue Position |

In 2005, Romney said he was against abortion except in cases of rape, incest or to save the mother's life. The former governor has admitted to changing his stance while insisting he was consistent in protecting the sanctity of life while in office. He has noted that he vetoed a number of measures that would have offended antiabortionists, including legislation to support cloning and embryo farming, a measure to permit minors to purchase the morning-after pill without a prescription and a bill to allow doctors to provide emergency contraception.

Romney this year has shown traces of his once-moderate stance, saying during a debate that he would not precipitate a “constitutional crisis” by pushing for an amendment to ban abortion.


Romney on Abortion

Reader Endorsements

Germaine Vitale Bissell

Germaine Vitale Bissell I don't support abortions

Melissa Miller

Melissa Miller I believe a woman should have a valid reason for an abortion.

Mike Murillo

Mike Murillo There is a diiference here between the Liberals and Conservatives that will never change. I think it is as simple as life and death. Right to choose....life not death.

Kevin Joseph John Fitzpatrick-ruth

Kevin Joseph John Fitzpatrick-ruth Obama is the most Pro-death president ever. Romney is a improvement

Merry Pilkons Nordeen

Merry Pilkons Nordeen With regard to unplanned pregnancy, I love the saying "God does not make mistakes."

Greg Bussey

Greg Bussey If it is alive and it is human, then killing it is murder.

Alex Jastin Vang

Alex Jastin Vang Abortion should not be used as a way to get out of bad decisions. If you're going to have unsafe sex, then you deserve to suffer the consequences.

Tom Andrus

Tom Andrus Common Sense

Byron Johnson

Byron Johnson i'm a christian

Eric Swensson

Eric Swensson The choice is clear.

Jim Lewin

Jim Lewin I am against partial birth abortion.

Nancy Nichols Kuruc Howden

Nancy Nichols Kuruc Howden He makes sense. There's too many girls/women who aren't responsible and use abortion as birth control.

Susie Tynes Davis

Susie Tynes Davis I can not STAND to think of that 8 month viable life being bangled and butched in an abortion, and to have the doctors not able to save the life of it even if it is able to survive from ...See More

Ronald Stanfield

Ronald Stanfield Mitt believe in God

Wayne Baldwin

Wayne Baldwin all life is God created and a gift.

Robert Hightower Jr

Robert Hightower Jr like Romney

Pete Olsen

Pete Olsen Abortion is MURDER

Takahiro Hiroi

Takahiro Hiroi Clinton did not abolish the infamous partial-birth abortion. Political party allowing such murder cannot be trusted.

Amber Lao

Amber Lao He has solutions not excuses

Dennis London

Dennis London No more taxpayer dollars for abortions

Rachel Lynette Francis

Rachel Lynette Francis I already have the choice. I choose not to have sex if I can't deal with the responsibility of a child and in the event of rape life I know that life is sacred and God will give me the ...See More

Shana Clark

Shana Clark Obama is clueless.

James Line

James Line obama is a liar

Devorah Nuneya

Devorah Nuneya I agree.

Rusty Covey

Rusty Covey The average age of women voting for Obama are under the age of 30, who are the women pushing abortion rights, it the same ones who are waiting till they are in their 30s to get married. A rapist go ...See More

Wayne Grimsley

Wayne Grimsley I believe life begins at contaception.


William Lee

William Lee It is never to late for the Grace of the Holy Spirit.

Jeff Kitchens

Jeff Kitchens How could I not...Life is important. If you are not willing to bring a child into this world why don't you not have sex!

Leslie Feliciano Massucco

Leslie Feliciano Massucco Life begins at conception it should have never been a government law but a States choice on how to deal with the issues involving right for life.

Javier Granados

Javier Granados Eu acredito na vida

Kai Kroeger

Kai Kroeger I believe that life begins at conception, I believe that all babies of god should be born.

Rusty Foster

Rusty Foster Truth and religion goes with the USA and that spells Romney!

Amanda L A Gilbert

Amanda L A Gilbert Life begins at conception! A human is a human, no matter how small.

Phillip Casey Leyva

Phillip Casey Leyva Its a life, not a choice

Debra Monahan

Debra Monahan Cuz he isn't Obammie the Commie

Anthony Zarrella

Anthony Zarrella No matter how a child is created, or whether he or she is wanted, he or she is a baby, not a disease. There is no sense in which abortion is "healthcare" and no sense in which it is a ...See More

Micheal Cotten

Micheal Cotten Abortion is MURDER

Farmer Joe

Farmer Joe ??????????????

Kristen Bragg

Kristen Bragg Abortion is MURDER!!! Obama has NO PROBLEM killing people..... even babies through partial birth abortion!!!

Securities Finance

Securities Finance It's not just a woman's issue. It's a father's, husband's, family's, and spiritual issue within a man or woman's faith. To reduce abortion to simply a matter for the person who carrying the growing child, is wrong and it is ...See More

Annette Gibson

Annette Gibson The Supreme Court has ruled on this. Until the Supreme Court changes it, abortion will be legal. It should be returned to the states.

Hugh Jorgin

Hugh Jorgin We all start somewhere, now don't we?

Thomas Daniel

Thomas Daniel because i dont believe in it

Ric Allen

Ric Allen We as a Nation are in Dire Straights and we need a proven leader.

Linda Fugger Rice


Kallie Smirnov

Kallie Smirnov Abortion SHOULD NOT be used as a form of birth control. there are too many couples who can't have children of their own, that would LOVE to have the unwanted babies. Abortion is being ABUSED.... Unless medically necessary, or for ...See More

Stacy Arceneaux

Stacy Arceneaux No one but God should have a say over someone else's life. What about the men? Where is their say? It's disgusting to me that women could think killing a baby is their right as a woman. Maybe the first ...See More

Shannon Hawkins

Shannon Hawkins The real time for a woman to be in control of her body is when she is contemplating having sex.

Lee Varner

Lee Varner Abortion is wrong, we may stop it but al least maybe we can eliminate the 98% of Abortions that are for no reason other then birth control.

Alex Quirk

Alex Quirk Not so much for Romney as against our anti-Christian President

Securities Finance

Securities Finance Those who say a woman's rights to free and uninhibited intercourse-on-demand outweigh her duty to her unborn child, are dead wrong on all counts, morally and otherwise. Beyond the religious issues, there is simply that fact that it is unthinkable, ...See More

Roy Ridgeway

Roy Ridgeway Pro Life

Mary Louis

Mary Louis This is a non-issue. Romney is not looking to overhaul abortion…This is purely fight-talk, with the Obama camp trying to scare women inot believing that Romney will overturn a woman’s right to choose. I personally am against abortion but believe ...See More

Dewayne C Presson

Dewayne C Presson A life is a life is a life no matter who it is. Anytime we devalue life in any form we go the way of the fascists and Hitler and euthanasia is next!!

Daniel Last

Daniel Last Obama would allow infantcide up until voting age if his leftist ideologues demanded it.

Michael Perry

Michael Perry As a Christian I believe all life is valuable. All life has meaning and is blessed and ordained by God.

David J Vinish

David J Vinish Although, the newsmedia may want to find a "superman" image for a presidential candidate, they do not exist. Every man has some issue that would offend someone. But in Obama's case, he has proven that he never had the experience, ...See More

Shelley Lubben

Shelley Lubben I am a mother of three beautiful daughters and can't stand to live everyday knowing that over 3,700 babies are aborted a year in the USA. I was homeless and pregnant and I kept my baby. It was frightening but ...See More

Rich Free

Rich Free Obama Is For Abortion

Brian Barrett

Brian Barrett I agree 100%

John Roberts

John Roberts Your parents didn't kill you so why do you have the right to kill your baby. A heartbeat is a life.

Shaun Brown


Cheridee Snyder

Cheridee Snyder i feel he has strong values on this piont, an i believe his wife will have a lot of pull on this topic, When it all comes down to it its fedm of choice and as always its a political ...See More

Eric N. Coop

Eric N. Coop Mr. Romney realizes that personal responsibility starts at home. By this belief, he endorses the idea that abortion is not a way for women to take care of an unwanted "problem," but rather that it is what it is - ...See More

Celia Ann Godfrey

Celia Ann Godfrey Liberals don't want WAR....it is killing....but they will not "defend" the unborn baby.

Charlene Williams

Charlene Williams I do not believe in abortion except in certain situations. That is what's wrong with a lot of people these days there are no consequences for their actions. It's okay if I am irresponsible someone will clean up my mess.See More

John Fiorillo

John Fiorillo Romney has a better plan

Denise Neri

Denise Neri I think there needs to be more restrictions (after two months/illegal) and paid for by the person getting the procedure.

Steve Max Gayes

Steve Max Gayes When the US has 1.3 million abortions a year and less than 5% of them are due to rape and incest... we have a problem which strikes directly at the morality we have as a people. Bill Clinton had it ...See More

Carrie Matheson

Carrie Matheson Obama is too radical in his stance on late stage and "botched" abortion actions. It is tantamount to murder--Obama is too left of left.

Morgandy Barnett

Morgandy Barnett http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GpA7gC3nWyc Obama is the extremist.

Morgandy Barnett

Morgandy Barnett http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GpA7gC3nWyc Obama is the extremist.

Nancy Neff- Skrzyniarz

Nancy Neff- Skrzyniarz Speaks for itself

Robert C. Dees

Robert C. Dees The obvious choice here.

Michael Staker

Michael Staker We lost more than 8 million American military during WWI, and 22 servicemen and women during WWII. Together, the tragic dead from these two wars, covering portions of 14 years, are 30 million! These data, however, are dwarfed by the ...See More

Maureen Wilson

Maureen Wilson Me personally believe that abortion is an issue between you and GOD, not the government. However I do not think I nor anyone else should pay for someone elses birth control or abortion. You are responsible for your own body, ...See More

Pamela Martin Hoyt

Pamela Martin Hoyt Romney/Ryan are Christians. They support life! I support life and I am disgusted that Obama expects my tax dollars should pay for an abortion which I am AGAINST. GO ROMNEY/RYAN

Judy King

Judy King Obama is a socialist/communist.

Ron Berry

Ron Berry Abortion is murder. Mitt Romney is against murder. Obama is for murder. The phrase a woman's right to choose should be finished into a full sentence: a woman's right to choose murdering her baby.

Britton J. Holdaway

Britton J. Holdaway With the exception of those instances of rape, incest, or threat to the health of the mother abortion should be illegal. This is not an issue about privacy, but about protecting human life.

Damon Dees

Damon Dees the Prez is a KNUCKLE HEAD about every thing!!!!

Justin Bruere

Justin Bruere a life is a life.... would you abort your healthy child with only 2 weeks until birth? really?

Jim Moon

Jim Moon One of the dumbest debates kept going buy the southern christen coalition. Those that want an abortion will get one, those that don't will not, inside or outside the system.

William C. Fisher

William C. Fisher Romney is against the murder of unborn Americans.

Tim Krier

Tim Krier I believe Mitt Romney most closely represents my views on this subject as well as most clear thinking citizens.

Glen Hilton

Glen Hilton I have Heard enough of President Obama's adds on how Mitt is not for women, Obama has a lot nerve thinking he is right when in fact he so wrong. Mitt cares for women and their rights more than Obama ...See More

Jacob LaBarge

Jacob LaBarge Killing babies? no thanks. i guess I thought murder was illegal anyway... ALSO, everyone seems to forget that while in the state senate, our current president supported INFANTICIDE...

Daniel Danielson

Daniel Danielson Mitt Romney is smarter than Obama

Judy Hodges

Judy Hodges I do not believe in abortion.

Robert Cardenas

Robert Cardenas because he's shown his love for life

M.k. Barton

M.k. Barton Obama supports heinous forms of abortion. Romney values life.

Sharon Tomalavage

Sharon Tomalavage It's no contest. Obama has supported partial birth abortion and has said repeatedly that abortions for any and all reasons are acceptable as it's up to the woman. Well, I don't know a country that would allow a woman the ...See More

The President if a liar. Now I know a lot of people on both side of the isle lie and they get away with because the American people are, well, mostly stupid but this president has lied and lied and ...See More

Jacen Boyd

Jacen Boyd Democrats don't like to talk about the results of abortion. They don't like to talk about the human lives that are taken during that appalling procedure. Hey, why should they care? Fetuses can't vote.

Marion McBath Murphy

Marion McBath Murphy The Right to Life

Kevin Ajani Humphrey

Kevin Ajani Humphrey Because That's What I Believe In Also

Becky R Engel

Becky R Engel Abortion kills an innocent child. DUH.

Becky R Engel

Becky R Engel Abortion kills an innocent child. DUH.

Robert Forsberg

Robert Forsberg This is sad where we have to chose between a man who would have a live child out of the womb killed because the mother originally wanted an abortion and a man who would not have any abortions at all. ...See More

Jose Luis Perez

Jose Luis Perez mi apoyo la declaracion de ronmey poeque es lo adecuado segun mi punto de vista

Nathan Smith

Nathan Smith I agree with Romney. I too am against abortion except in cases of rape, incest or to save the mother's life.

David Patton

David Patton All selfless people must stand up for the voiceless unborn. Romney will do this.

Tracey Lindsay

Tracey Lindsay I believe Mitt Romney can handle this issue because 1. Abortion should not happen unless its a sexual abuse , rape , if it anything else I think a child should be adopted

Justin Johnson

Justin Johnson Abortion is Murder.... whats the difference in a baby in the womb and one outside of it.. its a selfish choice which highlights the downturn of society over the last 40 years

Elinor Dandrea

Elinor Dandrea I believe conception ,as everything in life, has more to it then just cell production. I dont believe it is just a body part, like an arm or a thumb. I believe the unborn shares its hosts soul. And that ...See More

Marie Hyatt Oellig

Marie Hyatt Oellig I endorse Romney because I agree that abortion is only acceptable in cases of rape, incest, or to save the mother's life. All other reasons to abort a baby are purely selfish and as a result ot selfish, irresponsible behavior. ...See More

Brandon Parret

Brandon Parret This issue has nothing to do with a womens right to choose. It about morals. Simply put we pay millions upon millions to save life in America but the unborn I guess are just not humans, and just not that ...See More

William Mckinney

William Mckinney Sronger leadership

Ordinary Citizen

Ordinary Citizen Obama is an anti-American marxist. The people were betrayed with obama and his marxist compulsive lies! Obama is nothing more that the selected puppet from the NWO/United Nations! The Elites controlled UN, is fundamentally transforming the World into a single ...See More

Jack Murphy

Jack Murphy As Dr. Bernard Natsanson said, a man who performed 60,000 abortion himself, - it is unethical to stop the biological development of any human being unless it threatens the life of the mother.

Craig Fletcher

Craig Fletcher I support Romney... I am pro life... Obama does not mind if you kill a baby... I do..

Bo Meister

Bo Meister O'Bama is an abortoholic who voted consistently for abortion, partial birth abortion and various forms of infanticide

Mike Pigott

Mike Pigott Romney does not endorse murder

Doug E Edge Sr.


Kathryn Kitty Reichman Atkins

Kathryn Kitty Reichman Atkins I do NOT believe in Abortion-I do not believe in cloning or embryo farming.

Nivek Htims

Nivek Htims Abortion is murder plain and simple, if you want to kill a human life because you made a choice you shouldn't have then you are no human at all.

Christopher Mullaney

Christopher Mullaney Abortion is a woman's responsibility and right to choose her life's path. Mr Romney's personal beliefs should not be a government policy when he's elected.

Kyle Duncan

Kyle Duncan Except cases like Rape, I believe you should not be allowed to abort a child. The argument people use about protecting the mothers rights can not be used as a strong argument in this case. What about the child's rights ...See More

Rod Appleton

Rod Appleton I support life.

Securities Finance

Securities Finance Except in the case where a woman's life is in danger or she has been the victim of a crime -- and in those cases the abortion should be carried out early (you know what early means) -- I believe ...See More

Sylvia McElveen

Sylvia McElveen I endorse Gov. Romney because I heard our President with my own ears that he would rather his daughters have an abortion if they were to get pregnant young than to have their lives and future messed up with a ...See More

Riker Kasamoto

Riker Kasamoto I agree with Romney here. He isn't too right wing on this issue, which I like. I also love his flip flops on this issue.

Jason Andrew Gartner

Jason Andrew Gartner How is it that Obama can claim to watch out for the little guy when he doesn't watch out for the littlest of humans? Humane treatment of all life is important. The number of abortions done for convenience is a ...See More

Anthony Thomas

Anthony Thomas If scientists found a single cell on a far-off planet, they would excitedly proclaim that they had found "life" on another planet. However, in a mother's womb, a different standard is used. We either respect human life or we don't. ...See More

John Temple

John Temple As I matured and had children, I couldn't imagine aborting her. Children are our greatest gift in life. To say it is the women's health concern is secondary to the life she is carrying and to consider this fetus as ...See More

Bill Qualter

Bill Qualter I agree with Mitt Romney and believe that his stance on Abortion.

Joanne LcOriginals

Joanne LcOriginals Oh it's a woman's right to murder her baby? That's the dumbest thin I've ever heard, and that's coming from someone who was raped twice (2 different states, 1 by force and 1 by being drugged.) Your baby isn't your ...See More

Suge Knight

Suge Knight When liberals plan a pregnancy, they're having a baby. The baby has a name, a crib and a nursery. When the lady gets romantic and screws some guy she barely knows and pregnant the baby is a thing. Democrats are ...See More

Mike Warren

Mike Warren I think if we grab ahold of all the freeloding goin on, like make mothers produce the father so he will be forced to pay child support or the babies daddy wont be UNCLE SAM and the mother or her ...See More

Liesl Roeder

Liesl Roeder All life is sacred, as we're all God's children and formed in his image. You are fined for damaging eagle eggs, but you can kill a baby and the government pays for it. That is just insanely wrong.

Wendy Wagner

Wendy Wagner Murder is murder regardless of age. It is the place of the government to protect every life.

Rebecca Perry Williamson

Rebecca Perry Williamson A fetus can't say "I choose to live". All it can do is scream silently as it is being killed. Responsibility for actions is important, and adoption is wonderful.

Debra Bosio Riley

Debra Bosio Riley The slogan "choice" is not a choice for those who are unable to protect themselves. Abortion is a death sentence on the innocent and helpless. It is a matter of place, and that place is a womb, and that human ...See More

Michael Gardner

Michael Gardner Pres. Obama's Hypocrisy Knows No Bounds! Barry is the worst President in the history of the US - even worse than Jimmy Carter!

Bryan K. Macklowe

Bryan K. Macklowe 50% of Americans, in recent polling on the issue, are pro-life. Years ago it was the reverse. The advent of new technology and better knowledge of how abortion procedures work have changed many minds on this issue. That includes GOP ...See More

Patrick Looney

Patrick Looney the Republican ticket represents the vast majority of Americans,their values and their beliefs-the silent but awakening majority who will stand and be counted in NOV.

Mike Krakow

Mike Krakow When you can get fined for damaging eagle eggs, but you can kill a baby and have the government pay for it. The average American is stupid...sheep following the media

Ok Nana


Bruce J Gintoft

Bruce J Gintoft All life is sacred.

Beth Campbell

Beth Campbell I am not a pro-life person, but I do believe abortion should be rare and limited. I also do not think tax dollars should go to pay for abortions.

Just Brilliant

Just Brilliant I'm not a pro lifer, however, Abortions must be limited to protect the health and well being of our citizens.

Georgie Perez

Georgie Perez I served my lord jesuschrist, and dont believe in abortion

Caro Verdugo

Caro Verdugo Mirchi said it better.

Mirchi Bajji

Mirchi Bajji We dont want our women and kids have sex on our health care money and then abort and disown their responsibility because it is easy and free to kill an unborn life. They can not simply have fun with our ...See More

Ruthann Angrick-Treps

Ruthann Angrick-Treps He is correct

Edward Gordon

Edward Gordon A women owns her body but it should not be used for family planning - if pro-life was so concerned about life there would be no orphans in our country, no homeless children so, there is major hypocrisy that needs ...See More

Joey Kalmin

Joey Kalmin I'm personally pro-life and while I don't know exactly where Romney lies on the issue of abortion, I do know where Obama does. But either way, social issues are not important to me.

Russell Cook

Russell Cook I am pro-life. Abortion is now legal in the US because of Roe vs Wade. I support measures that would limit late term abortions, and parental notification.

Romney's Statements (5)

October 8, 2011
Our values must also encompass the life of an unborn child.  There are, of course, strong convictions on both sides of the life issue.  Yet, it speaks well of our country that almost all Americans recognize that abortion is a problem.  The law may call it a right, but no one ever called it a good.  And in the quiet of conscience, people of both political parties know that more than a million abortions a year cannot be squared with the good heart of America.
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October 8, 2011
I support the Hyde Amendment, which broadly bars the use of federal funds for abortions. As president, I will end federal funding for abortion advocates like Planned Parenthood. I will protect a health care worker’s right to follow their conscience in their work.  And I will nominate judges who know the difference between personal opinion and the law. It is long past time for the Supreme Court to return the issue of abortion back to the states, by overturning Roe v. Wade.
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October 8, 2011
Taking innocent life is always wrong and always tragic, wherever it happens.  The compassionate instincts of this country should not be silent in the face of injustices like China’s One-Child Policy.  And if I am president, you will never hear me or my vice president tell the Chinese government that we "understand" and won’t “second guess” compulsory sterilization and forced abortion.
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November 4, 2011
We spend $300 million a year on groups like Planned Parenthood, which provide abortions or abortion-related services. It's long past time for that to be over.
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February 10, 2012
During my time in office, I stood up to those who wanted to call into question the very definition of life.  I vetoed a bill that would have opened the door to cloning and embryo farming.  I vetoed a bill that would have allowed young girls to gain access to abortion-inducing drugs.  I fought for abstinence education in our public schools.  And I defended the Catholic Church’s right to serve their community in ways that were consistent with their conscience through adoption programs that placed children in a home with a mom and a dad.
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Trust dealing with social issues such as abortion and gay marriage. 09/09/2012 39% Romney 50% Obama
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Trust handling international affairs 09/09/2012 38% Romney 51% Obama
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Trust handling the economy. 10/13/2012 44% Romney 48% Obama
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Trust to do better job handling education. 08/25/2012 42% Romney 45% Obama
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Trust handling energy policy 08/25/2012 41% Romney 49% Obama
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Trust handling international affairs 10/13/2012 40% Romney 50% Obama
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Trust dealing with the federal budget deficit 10/13/2012 47% Romney 44% Obama
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No Data
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Trust handling health care policy 10/13/2012 43% Romney 49% Obama
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Trust handling immigration issues 07/08/2012 43% Romney 46% Obama
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Trust handling international affairs 09/09/2012 38% Romney 51% Obama
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Trust to do a better job creating jobs (AP-GfK) 08/20/2012 44% Romney 45% Obama
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Trust handling Medicare 10/13/2012 38% Romney 53% Obama
Military Spending Pick a Candidate
Better at being a good commander-in-chief (NBC/WSJ) 07/22/2012 35% Romney 45% Obama
Same-sex marriage Pick a Candidate
Trust to handle social issues such as abortion and gay marriage 09/09/2012 39% Romney 50% Obama
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Stronger on Social Security (Reuters/Ipsos) 09/10/2012 39% Romney 46% Obama
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Trust handling taxes 10/13/2012 44% Romney 49% Obama
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