U-Va. reaction

<p>More than 80 University of Virginia faculty signed a letter this week that called upon school leaders to respond to remarks made by donor Paul Tudor Jones. The letter is below. </p> <p>U-Va. Provost John Simon wrote the following statement to the group in response: </p> <p><i>"I recently received a letter from more than 80 faculty members requesting comment regarding the statement made by Paul Tudor Jones at a recent symposium hosted by the McIntire School of Commerce. </i></p> <p><i>"Neither President Sullivan nor I agree with his statement that having a family disadvantages a woman's ability to perform in the workplace. His comments were of his own volition, he was not speaking on behalf of U.Va., and he has since issued a public apology. As administrators, we are often called upon to condemn opinions different from our own. At a university, however, freedom of expression is fundamental to our mission. " </i></p>