Interior's priorities for fiscal 2018 grants

Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke lists his "Top Ten Priorities" for department grants this year. The first item: "Creating a conservation stewardship legacy second only to Teddy Roosevelt."

Attachment A:
Priorities for Financial Assistance

The Secretarv of the Interior?s Top Ten Priorities


Creating a conservation stewardship legacy second only to Teddy Roosevelt




Utilize science to identify best practices to manage land and water resources and
adapt to changes in the environment;

Examine land use planning processes and land use designations that govern public
use and access;

Revise and streamline the environmental and regulatory review process while
maintaining environmental standards.

Review DOI water storage, transportation, and distribution systems to identify
opportunities to resolve con?icts and expand capacity;

Foster relationships with conservation organizations advocating for balanced
stewardship and use of public lands;

Identify and implement initiatives to expand access to DOI lands for hunting and

Shift the balance towards providing greater public access to public lands over
restrictions to access.

Utilizing our natural resources



Ensure American Energy is available to meet our security and economic needs;
Ensure access to mineral resources, especially the critical and rare earth minerals
needed for scienti?c, technological, or military applications;

Refocus timber programs to embrace the entire chealthy forests? lifecycle;
Manage competition for grazing resources.

Restoring trust with local communities



Be a better neighbor with those closest to our resources by improving dialogue and
relationships with persons and entities bordering our lands;

Expand the lines of communication with Governors, state natural resource of?ces,
Fish and Wildlife of?ces, water authorities, county commissioners, Tribes, and local

Ensuring sovereignty means something


Support tribal self-determination, self-govemance, and sovereignty;
Solidify mutual interests between the U.S. and the freely associated states and

Generating additional revenues to support DOI National interests



Ensure that the public receives the full market value for the natural resources
produced on federal lands;

Ensure that fees or costs levied for DOI services are reasonable and targeted to
achieve cost recovery;


0. Consider the impact of DOI decisions on economic development and job creation.

Protecting our people and the border

a. Actively support efforts to secure our southern border; -

b. Ensure DOI law enforcement staf?ng addresses public safety risks anticipated on
DOI land.

0. Promote a ?public service? demeanor within our law enforcement community.

Striking a regulatory balance

a. Reduce the administrative and regulatory burden imposed on US. industry and the
public; i

b. Ensure that Endangered Species Act decisions are based on strong science and
thorough analysis.

Modernizing our in?astructnre
a. Support the White House Public/Private Partnership Initiative to modernize U.S.
b. Remove impediments to infrastructure development and facilitate private sector
efforts to construct infrastructure projects serving American needs;
c. Prioritize DOI infrastructure needs to highlight:
1. Construction of infrastructure;
2. Cyclical maintenance;
3. Deferred maintenance.

Reorganizing for the next 1 00 years .

a. Improve alignment and integration of the DOI organizational structure;

b. Redistribute organizational resources (people and funding) to enhance mission
achievement and improved public service;

c. Improve organizational alignment with Executive Branch counterparts with major
land management assets or in?uence.

Achieving our goals and leading our team forward

a. Senior executives are expected to provide leadership in achieving goals of the
President and the Secretary;
b. The Management Team is expected to:
1. Ensure cost-effective operations and quality service to the public;
2. Facilitate organizational cooperation and con?ict resolution;
3. Ensure the workplace environment is conducive to employee productivity and

4. Hold individuals accountable for actions that violate DOI policies and

Other Kev Initiatives

1. Employment of veterans .
2. Supporting DOI infrastructure needs

3. Creating jobs in the American economy
4. Access to outdoor recreation opportunities