Trump has provided 'unprecedented' cooperation with special counsel

President Trump’s personal lawyer lays out all the ways Trump and his White House have agreed to turn over tens of thousands of documents and provide 20 White House aides for voluntary interviews. Special counsel investigators have interviewed more than 20 White House officials, Trump’s legal team says

These documents have been voluntarily provided by the President to the Special Counsel and the
congressional committees a and include privileged material of all kinds. The cooperation and
transparency are unprecedented.
Voluntary Document Production by the White House:
In all, the White House provided over 20,000 pages to the Special Counsel in connection with
the categories of material identified (over 100,000 pages of documents were reviewed by the
White House). Productions by topic include:

Issues regarding Michael Flynn and Russia: 1,601 documents totaling 5,079 pages
Issues Regarding James Comey: 1,245 documents totaling 7,799 pages

Voluntary Production by Campaign:
aC/ In all, over 1.4 million pages of documents were produced to the Special Counsel by the
aC/ And over 28,000 pages of documents were produced to the Hill by the Campaign.
aC/ Copies of all documents provided to the committees by the Campaign, and all search term
lists and the privilege log, were also provided to the Special Counsel.
aC/ By letter dated May 17, 2017, the Campaign received a request for documents from the
Senate Select Committee on Intelligence (SSCI).
aC/ By letter dated June 7, 2017, the Campaign received a request for documents from the House
Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence (HPSCI). The records requested included
records generated from June 16, 2015, to 12pm on January 20, 2017, and hence, included the
transition period.
aC/ The Campaign voluntarily responded to these requests by providing 840 documents on July
21, 2017, and another set of 4,800 documents on July 31, 2017. By letter dated July 19,
2017, the Campaign received a request for documents from the Senate Judiciary Committee
aC/ The Campaign responded by providing the requested documents, totaling 4,800, on August 2,
2017. By letter dated August 9, 2017, the Campaign sent all three committees a letter
identifying the search terms used to identify the responsive documents. And on September
15, 2017, the Campaign provided all three committees with an additional set of responsive
documents, totaling 2,100, which included an attached list of all record custodians whose
records were searched along with a complete list of the search terms used.
aC/ Finally, on September 29, 2017, the Campaign sent all three committees its final set of
documents, which included 19 documents and 113 documents now provided with revised or
removed privilege redactions. This production was accompanied with a privilege log.
Voluntary Interviews:
aC/ Over 20 White House personnel (not including Campaign team members) voluntarily gave
interviews; including 8 people from the White House Counselas Office.
aC/ 17 Campaign employees plus 11 additional individuals affiliated in some way or another
with the Campaign, voluntarily gave interviews to Special Counsel or the Hill.