Trump’s framework for immigration reform and border security

President Trump’s immigration proposal to Congress includes a path to citizenship for an estimated 1.8 million young undocumented immigrants, more than twice the number of “dreamers” who were enrolled in a deferred action program Trump terminated last fall. Trump supports path to citizenship for up to 1.8 million ‘dreamers’ in new White House proposal

BORDER SECURITY: Securing the Southern and Northern border of the United States takes a
combination of physical infrastructure, technology, personnel, resources, authorities, and the ability
to close legal loopholes that are exploited by smugglers, traffickers, cartels, criminals and terrorists.


The Department of Homeland Security must have the tools to deter illegal immigration; the
ability to remove individuals who illegally enter the United States; and the vital authorities
necessary to protect national security.
These measures below are the minimum tools necessary to mitigate the rapidly growing surge
of illegal immigration.
o $25 billion trust fund for the border wall system, ports of entry/exit, and northern border
improvements and enhancements.
o Close crippling personnel deficiencies by appropriating additional funds to hire new DHS
personnel, ICE attorneys, immigration judges, prosecutors and other law enforcement
o Hiring and pay reforms to ensure the recruitment and retention of critically-needed
o Deter illegal entry by ending dangerous statutorily-imposed catch-and-release and by
closing legal loopholes that have eroded our ability to secure the immigration system and
protect public safety.
o Ensure the detention and removal of criminal aliens, gang members, violent offenders,
and aggravated felons.
o Ensure the prompt removal of illegal border-crossers regardless of country of origin.
o Deter visa overstays with expedited removal.
o Ensure synthetic drugs (fentanyl) are prevented from entering the country.
o Institute immigration court reforms to improve efficiency and prevent fraud and abuse.

DACA LEGALIZATION: Provide legal status for DACA recipients and other DACA-eligible illegal
immigrants, adjusting the time-frame to encompass a total population of approximately 1.8 million

10-12 year path to citizenship, with requirements for work, education and good moral character.
Clear eligibility requirements to mitigate fraud.
Status is subject to revocation for criminal conduct or public safety and national security
concerns, public charge, fraud, etc.

PROTECT THE NUCLEAR FAMILY: Protect the nuclear family by emphasizing close familial

Promote nuclear family migration by limiting family sponsorships to spouses and minor children
only (for both Citizens and LPRs), ending extended-family chain migration.
Apply these changes prospectively, not retroactively, by processing the abacklog.a

ELIMINATE LOTTERY AND REPURPOSE VISAS: The Visa Lottery selects individuals at random
to come to the United States without consideration of skills, merit or public safety.

This program is riddled with fraud and abuse and does not serve the national interest.
Eliminate lottery and reallocate the visas to reduce the family-based abackloga and high-skilled
employment abacklog.a