Charters without management companies

School name Enrollment in 2012-13 School income Total compensation**
Shining Stars 55 $1.3 million $48,882***
Ideal Academy 280 $5 million $87,850
Bridges 143 $3.8 million $89,367
IDEA 298 $6.6 million $101,789
Washington Yu Ying 439 $7.9 million $104,310
Achievement Prep 315 $6.1 million $105,228
Inspired Teaching 207 $3.5 million $108,730
Roots 120 $1.9 million $108,837
Mundo Verde 237 $4.8 million $110,034
Richard Wright 202 $4.1 million $110,357
Next Step 277 $5.7 million $110,560
Stokes 335 $6.8 million $111,176
Washington Hospitality Foundation (formerly Hospitality High) 201 $5.3 million $120,066
Booker T. Washington* 362 $5.5 million $125,000
Wash Math Sci Technology 354 $6.3 million $128,345
Paul 556 $9.2 million $129,877
Two Rivers 502 $8.6 million $130,182
Perry Street Prep 950 $16.8 million $130,428
Creative Minds International 105 $2.6 million $130,499
LAMB [Latin American Montessori Bilingual] 273 $5.3 million $130,701
Mary McLeod Bethune 366 $6.3 million $131,710
National Collegiate Prep 310 $5.7 million $132,935
Arts and Technology Academy* 629 $11.1 million $140,292
Early Childhood Academy 248 $4.4 million $148,777
Washington Latin 597 $11.1 million $150,521
Meridian 567 $11 million $154,999
Capital City 944 $18.7 million $155,627
William E. Doar Jr. 422 $7.5 million $156,656
Cesar Chavez 1436 $25.7 million $159,659
Thurgood Marshall 397 $9 million $166,067
Excel 515 $8.5 million $171,166
Eagle Academy 765 $14.6 million $178,452
EL Haynes 949 $23.3 million $190,593
Howard University MS 316 $5.6 million $191,493
Tree of Life 314 $5.6 million $198,761
Center City 1405 $24.9 million $219,678
DC Prep 1138 $21.3 million $231,261
Friendship 3880 $73.3 million $356,748

Charters with management companies or other related organizations

Income Title Total comp.
Comp. from related org Mgmt. co. status Highest paid mgmt. co. executive Title Total comp. Mgmt. co. description
AppleTree 640 $12 million executive director $125,834 nonprofit William J. McCarthy president $271,063 AppleTree Institute trains schools and teachers to use an instructional model it developed for preschool. It provides administrative, facilities management and other support to AppleTree schools.
Basis DC 443 $6.4 million head of school $90,418 for profit unknown unknown Basis Schools, Inc. manages schools in Arizona, Texas and D.C.
Briya 436 $5.3 million executive director $100,211 nonprofit David Tarto CEO $277,402 Mary's Center is a broad organization that provides health care and social services. It is not a management company for Briya but rents the school space and provides services to families.
Carlos Rosario 1941 $18.3 million CEO and founder $328,744 nonprofit Sonia Gutierrez president $352,404 Community Capital Corporation runs and maintains buildings for Carlos Rosario.
Cedar Tree† 684 $12 million executive director $140,962 for profit unknown unknown Mosaica Education manages more than 100 charter schools.
Community Academy†† 1697 $30.8 million head of schools $146,772 for profit Kent Amos chief executive $1,275,625 ‡ Community Action Partners managed CAPCS schools. Fees paid to the management company are the subject of a pending civil lawsuit filed by the D.C. Attorney General.
DC Bilingual 339 $7.2 million nonprofit Myrna Peralta CEO $150,000 CentroNia provides educational and other services to the community, and it provides management services for DC Bilingual.
DC Scholars 183 $3.8 million CEO $65,942*** nonprofit Lars Beck CEO of Scholar Academies $220,200 Scholar Academies operates six schools in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and DC.
Hope Community 824 $14.7 million principal $113,074 for profit unknown unknown Imagine Schools Inc. manages approximately 45 schools around the country.
Imagine Southeast* 611 $10.7 million principal $122,056 for profit unknown unknown Imagine Schools Inc. manages approximately 45 schools around the country.
KIPP DC 3039 $62.8 million member/chief executive $232,643 nonprofit unknown unknown The KIPP Foundation is not a management organization, according to KIPP DC, but it provides training and other services in exchange for a fee. It works with more than 140 charter schools nationwide.
LAYC Career Academy 103 $2.6 million nonprofit Lon Kaplan CEO $147,000 Latin American Youth Center has founded four charter schools in DC.
Maya Angelou 576 $12.5 million director, academics $129,493 nonprofit Lucretia Murphy executive director $166,214 The See Forever Foundation does not manage Maya Angelou schools but shares resources with and provides support to the schools.
Options†† 415 $17.6 million chief executive $319,245 for profit unknown unknown The relationship between the school and management companies EEMC and EES is the subject of an ongoing civil case. Donna Montgomery ran the companies at the same time that she was CEO of the school.
Potomac Prep (formerly Potomac Lighthouse)† 397 $6.2 million nonprofit Mike Ronan CEO $214,000 Lighthouse Academies manages about 20 charter schools nationwide.
SEED 341 $14.3 million head of school $239,737 nonprofit Rajiv Vinnakota co-founder and managing director $290,170 The Seed Foundation has a boarding school in Baltimore in addition to the one in DC.
St. Coletta 250 $16.6 million nonprofit Sharon Raimo chief executive officer, director $220,923 St. Coletta of Greater Washington runs St. Coletta charter school and other programs for people with disabilities.
YouthBuild 116 $2.7 million executive director $135,833 nonprofit Lon Kaplan CEO $147,000 Latin American Youth Center has founded four charter schools in DC.

SOURCE: D.C. Public Charter School Board, Office of the State Superintendent of Education and Form 990s filed with the IRS. All data for the 2012-13 school year except LAYC Career Academy, which was for the 2011-12 school year.
*These schools have closed.
**Total compensation includes salaries and other compensation, including deferred compensation, bonuses and retirement.
***Salary for partial year.

†These schools have severed their relationships with their management companies since 2013.
††These schools are the subject of court cases and were ordered by a judge to sever their relationships with their management companies.
‡Kent Amos' total compensation is sourced from federal tax return for Community Action Partners, as Judge Neal E. Kravitz read into D.C. Superior Court record on Oct. 27, 2014.