The Washington Post writes news obituaries about people who had a major impact on the Washington region and beyond — in politics, foreign and military affairs, the arts, science, sports and any other aspect of life. Local residents whose deaths are reported in our news pages will generally have lived here for at least 20 uninterrupted years, and for more years than they lived elsewhere. They also will have had substantial involvement in their communities through employment or membership in religious, civic or other organizations.

While we cannot guarantee the publication or length of a news obituary, we welcome submissions and consider each one thoroughly. We rely heavily on readers to supply us with information for news obituaries. To do so, use the e-mail form below, e-mail us the information requested below or fax it to us at (202) 334-6553.

Submission Guidelines

Review the following guidelines before submitting obituary information for consideration:

- Please complete our questionnaire fully.

- A request for an obituary must be submitted within 30 days of the death. Please make your submission as soon as possible.

- We do not include funeral, memorial or donation information in news obituaries.

- We cannot guarantee the publication or length of an obituary.

- News obituaries are editorial features distinct from paid death notices. If you are interested in submitting a paid death notice, call (202) 334-4122 or e-mail us. (You can also read paid death notices online.)

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