Homeland Security State Dept. JusticeDept. Health &Human Services $1.536 billion $879 million for detention and removal of undocumented adults traveling with children, expansion of alternatives to detention, and added prosecution capacity for adults with children.$116 million for transportation of unaccompanied children.$109 million for Immigration and Customs Enforcement.$364 million for increasing costs of Customs and Border Protection, including overtime and temporary-duty costs for Border Patrol agents, contract services and facility costs to care for children while in custody, and medical and transportation services.$29 million for Border Enforcement Security Task Force programs.$39.4 million for increased air surveillance. $295 million for repatriation, strengthening foreign borders and addressing root causes of migration.$5 million for media campaigns in Mexico and Central America. $300 million $45.4 million for additional immigration judge teams.$2.5 million for expanding the legal orientation program that provides assistance to adults and custodians of children in the immigration court system.$15 million for direct legal representation services for children in immigration proceedings.$1.1 million for more immigration litigation lawyers to support federal agencies. $64 million $1.8 billion To provide appropriate care for unaccompanied children while maintaining services for refugees.

SOURCE: White House. GRAPHIC: Patterson Clark - The Washington Post.